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MasterChef Australia Judges Spill Secrets on Chef Sanjyot Keer's Podcast!

A culinary journey to India with Sanjyot Keer and judges Gary Mehigan & Matt Preston.

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MasterChef Australia Judges Spill Secrets on Chef Sanjyot Keer's Podcast!

Photo Credit: Sanjyot Keer

  • Chef Sanjyot Keer launched his first-ever podcast
  • First guests: MasterChef Australia judges Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston
  • A heart-warming conversation about food

Chef Sanjyot Keer, known for his Indian fusion recipes, launched his first-ever podcast hosting the renowned MasterChef Australia judges Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston as his guests during the latter's recent visit to India. 

A heart-warming conversation about their true passion and love - food, made for a truly engaging podcast as the three chefs shared their insights on the diversity of Indian food and culture. Talking about their favourite Indian dish, both Gary and Matt, said, “It's rich. It's impossible to encapsulate one particular Indian dish you love.” 

Chef Sanjyot Keer's Your Food Lab (YFL) is one of the biggest in India and is consumed by more than 12 million people worldwide including Gary Mehigan himself. The Australian chef shared how he made ‘medu vada' and ‘dosa' after his trip to Kerala a few years back by taking references from YFL and many other pages to nail the recipe exactly. The trio also spoke about their love for authentic Indian food and how they would travel to India for it over again. 

MasterChef India is one of the most-watched reality TV shows adapted from the Australian franchise. Talking about MasterChef Australia, Matt and Gary mentioned, “It's a great franchise where you see a broad base of Australians of different backgrounds come together on this huge platform. We are always invested with the contestants and it didn't just end with the show, we're still friends with many of them. For us, the relationships go beyond the show.” 

Young Indian chefs are inspired by shows like MasterChef Australia which showcases a variety of worldwide cuisines. Preston jumped on the bandwagon saying, “They're very different from the old-style hotel chefs, they would have their hotels in 5 years and they know what they're doing; they're driven.” 

Adding to the insightful conversation on food and the MasterChef franchise, Chef Sanjyot Keer shared why he continued doing content creation, “There are so many people in India and abroad who are not fortunate enough to go and travel. So, what I wanted to always do is explore on their behalf and give that access to them and now, the next phase of content creation is going to be more of traveling regionally and covering these recipes and presenting them in the best way possible. That's the kind of responsibility or power given to me by so many people to use it in the best way possible.”

Dive into the conversation with the three brilliant chefs here: 

About Chef Sanjyot Keer:

Sanjyot Keer is a culinary sensation, digital content creator, and the founder of Your Food Lab. Sanjyot has assured that YFL is unquestionably one of the greatest culinary content channels seen in India, owing to its first-rate production value when developing content. Sanjyot Keer's YFL has a wide range of dishes that are healthful, cheesy, sweet, and spicy, and will leave you wanting more. In collaboration with Licious, he recently aired a four-episode cooking show called 'Chef It Up!' on his YouTube channel. In 2023, Sanjyot Keer became the first digital content creator to become a brand ambassador of Wagh Bakri for their spiced tea range, proving the power of Chef's choice. Entering the entrepreneurial space, Sanjyot recently launched his own brand YFL Homes.

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