Exclusive! Children's Day Special: Digital Creators Share Valuable Lessons

Digital creators Swati Chauhan, Kaiz Keshvani, Sakshi Shah, and Vrushali Jawale share lessons from their childhood days.
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Exclusive! Children's Day Special: Digital Creators Share Valuable Lessons

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  • Children's Day exclusive: Digital Creators' childhood lessons
  • Sakshi Shah on not being the best at academics
  • Swati Chauhan, Kaiz Keshvani, and Vrushali Jawale share their experiences

Childhood is indeed special, isn't it? Whether it's the fun school days or growing up, each moment becomes a teacher. From playful times on the playground to the lessons learned in the classroom, every experience leaves a lasting impact on our lives. On this Children's Day, we reached out to some of our digital content creators and asked them about the most important lessons they learned as kids. How have these lessons influenced their content creation and outlook on life today? Let's hear what they had to say!

Swati Chauhan

I have learned so much throughout my journey of content creation and life in general that it would be hard to narrow it down to one lesson. However, my mom always says I have been a quick learner, especially in areas that interest me. This ability has proven invaluable in my content creation journey, allowing me to adapt quickly to new trends and information relevant to my content.

It has also helped me to be more open to changes and grow in my everyday life, for which I am grateful. The power of consistency and hard work is also something I learned from a young age, and I firmly believe in them. Trusting that dedicated effort toward a passion not only yields success but also contributes to personal growth, shaping both my content and my outlook on life.

However, the most valuable lesson that I learned in my childhood was not to be afraid to express myself even in the face of adversity. This not only allowed me to break into a career that used to be considered unorthodox but also thrive in it. Being able to voice my opinions and learn from my mistakes has not only helped me in my content creation journey but also in my everyday life, where I face every challenge head-on.

Kaiz Keshvani 

I have learned a lot from my childhood. When I started making Reels and content on social media, I used to get a lot of criticism, and people would often mock me. Initially, I took it negatively, but then I realized that criticism meant that you are not being ignored; you are being considered! I started taking it positively and then began to learn from the criticism.

I made it my strength and started working on it. I kept on improving myself while staying determined. Another important thing I learned in my life is that you should always smile, no matter the circumstances you are in! This is the cure for almost all sadness, failures, and negativity. That's the reason I chose humor as a central theme for my content.

These two things are the most important lessons I have learned in my life:

- You should never be afraid or scared of criticism and whatever circumstances life puts you in.

- Never lose your smile. It is one of the biggest solutions and can keep you motivated at all times.

Sakshi Shah 

The most valuable lesson I ever learned while growing up (not necessarily in childhood, but when I was a lot younger) is that just because everyone is doing something doesn't make it the only right thing!

As a child and even as a teenager back in school, I wasn't the best at academics. I was constantly told that grades define us. I remember expressing to my mother how bad I felt because I didn't perform well in school tests. I recall her telling me, "Just because you're not good at studies doesn't mean you're not good enough."

After that, I slowly discovered that I enjoyed the creative field much more. I found pleasure in writing, painting, documenting things, and even dressing up, which has now turned into my full-time profession. The advice I received when I was younger has stayed with me to this day. When I look at my content now, I feel like it's different from what everyone else is doing. But just because I'm doing it differently doesn't make it wrong.

If I had kept beating myself up for not being a good student, I would have never discovered the creative side of me. The moral of the story: Just because you're different, it doesn't make you wrong!

Vrushali Jawale 

The most valuable lesson I learned in my childhood is always to listen to your heart and do what you want to do.

I've always aspired to step into the acting world and become an actor, but my parents initially didn't support my decision. Despite their reservations, I went against their will and participated in theatre plays, TV shows, etc.

Content creation is a journey of expressing yourself. In today's world, people have become very sensitive, and as content creators, we often need to consider the impact of our content. However, there are times when I don't overthink what people will say and simply do what I want to do.

As we celebrate Children's Day, let's cherish the lessons from these digital creators—Swati, Kaiz, Sakshi, and Vrushali. Their stories inspire us to accept our uniqueness, smile through challenges, and follow our hearts. Remember, in every moment lies an opportunity to learn and grow. Happy Children's Day!