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Dive Into The Deliciousness: Sneha Singh Upadhaya's Festival Special Ice Cream Sandesh

Craft a distinctive dessert by curdling milk with vinegar, then blending chhena, sugar, milk powder, and kesar for a creamy, saffron-infused Ice Cream Sandesh.
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Dive Into The Deliciousness: Sneha Singh Upadhaya's Festival Special Ice Cream Sandesh

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  • Curdle milk with vinegar, create creamy Ice Cream Sandesh with kesar flav
  • Blend chhena, sugar, milk powder, and kesar for creamy Ice Cream Sandesh.
  • Serve chilled, garnished with pistachios and kesar strands.

Seeking a delightful surprise for a FESTIVE SEASON that breaks away from the ordinary mithai offerings? Look no further! This exceptional Ice Cream Sandesh recipe is an absolute must-try. Begin by heating a liter of milk until it reaches a gentle boil in a pan. Then, introduce a mixture of vinegar and water to trigger the milk's curdling process. Following this, strain the curdled milk and rinse it thoroughly with water, ensuring the complete removal of any excess water. This forms the foundation of our delectable dessert.

Unique Festive Dessert:

For the richly flavored ice cream sandesh, combine the chhena (curdled milk) with powdered sugar, milk powder, elaichi (cardamom) powder, and kesar (saffron) color. Incorporate a small amount of milk and blend until achieving a smooth, pourable consistency. To intensify the taste experience, line your tin with foil paper and sprinkle a few strands of kesar. Proceed to pour the batter into the tin, seal it with foil, and subject it to steaming for 20 minutes. After allowing it to cool, remove it from the mold and set it in the freezer for 2-3 hours, or until the moment of serving.

Fusion Delight: 

When the time arrives for indulgence, adorn your Ice Cream Sandesh with finely chopped pistachios and a few additional kesar strands. Slice it into delightful portions and relish the exceptional combination of flavors and the creamy texture. This dessert stands out as a delightful departure from the conventional Janmashtami sweets, bringing together a fusion of Indian taste profiles with the lusciousness reminiscent of ice cream. It forms the ideal treat to mark the occasion and astonish your friends and family with your culinary prowess. Savor the exquisite taste of this Ice Cream Sandesh, a fusion dessert that marries tradition and innovation in every delectable bite!

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