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Exclusive: Nutritionist Kavita Devgan Shares Healthy Desserts

In an exclusive interview with WhosThat360, renowned nutritionist Kavita Devgan shares perfect healthy desserts for festive occasions.
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Exclusive: Nutritionist Kavita Devgan Shares Healthy Desserts

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  • Kavita Devgan is a leading nutritionist
  • Healthy festive desserts
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Who doesn't like desserts? Well, most of us do. But the fact that ready-made items can be packed with lots of additives, colorings, and preservatives (along with a tremendous amount of calories) is enough to frighten health-conscious individuals. Or at least, it can make us feel terribly guilty. So should one stop eating them altogether? No, there is no need to go cold turkey. The reality is that the more you try to distance yourself from sweetness, the more you'll think about it and crave it. Instead, what you really need to do is begin making healthy and tasty desserts at home to satisfy your sweet tooth responsibly.

A Non-Sweet 'Sweet'

Cut carrots into small batons, lightly glaze them with honey or maple syrup, roll them in grated coconut, and enjoy them as an after-dinner snack. It tastes quite like Gajar (Carrot) ka halwa, especially if you add some chopped nuts and raisins. It's much better for your teeth and delivers more nutrition than regular desserts!

Tall Fruit 'Sundae'

This is not your typical ice cream dessert. To make this one, add one scoop of frozen flavored yogurt, one scoop of no-sugar-added sorbet, a variety of diced fruits (mangoes, melons, strawberries, etc.), some muesli for crunch, and blended fruit (any kind) as a sauce. Finally, add an indulgent splash of low-fat cream and dark chocolate chips. This might look huge (so children will love it), but it will only provide around 200 calories, hydration, and antioxidants from fruits, protein from yogurt, and plenty of satisfaction.

Brilliant Banana

Dip banana pieces in orange juice (bananas are always a good choice because they take on different flavors very well), then roll them in one of the following: unsweetened coconut, crushed peanuts, or crushed cereal. Prefer apples? Try this unusual baked apple dessert: microwave an apple stuffed with raisins and sprinkled with cinnamon; top it with 1/4 cup of fat-free vanilla yogurt.

Walnut Delight

Mix 8 halves of crushed walnuts and 4 deseeded, chopped dates into 1 cup of beaten yogurt, and top it with 1 tbsp of pure maple syrup. Chill and enjoy.

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