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Revolutionize Your Dessert Game with Aruna Vijay's Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam

Discover how food influencer Aruna Vijay elevates the classic Tender Coconut Payasam by adding a twist of coconut jelly, turning a simple dish into an extraordinary delight.
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Revolutionize Your Dessert Game with Aruna Vijay's Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam

Photo Credit: Aruna Vijay Instagram

  • Aruna Vijay is a food and digital influencer
  • She brings you the Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam recipe
  • Perfect for sweet tooth cravings

In the world of culinary innovation, sometimes a slight twist on a traditional recipe can transform it into something spectacular. Aruna Vijay, a renowned food influencer, has done just that with her Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam recipe. This delightful dessert not only brings a fresh perspective to a beloved classic but also showcases how a simple change can significantly enhance a dish's appeal.

A Delightful Culinary Experiment

Aruna Vijay's journey into reinventing the Tender Coconut Payasam began as a culinary experiment aimed at surprising her husband. By incorporating coconut jelly into the regular payasam, she introduced an element of texture and flavour that made the dish stand out. Despite her husband's playful critique that it was "less sweet," his feedback was invaluable, proving once again that sometimes the best critics are those closest to us.

Celebrating Love with a Unique Dessert

With the month of love upon us, Aruna encourages everyone to try this recipe for their partners and surprise them with a unique dessert. The Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam is not just a dish; it's a gesture of love, a way to create special moments with a sweet treat that's both thoughtful and delicious.

Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam Recipe: A Step-by-Step Guide


For Tender coconut jelly:

  • Tender coconut water - 2 cups
  • Agar agar - 1 tsp
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp (optional)

For Payasam base:

  • Milk - 4 cups
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Condensed milk - 1/2 cup
  • Puréed coconut pulp - 1 cup

The recipe for Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam is beautifully simple, requiring only a handful of ingredients. For the coconut jelly, you'll need tender coconut water, agar agar to set the jelly, and a bit of sugar for sweetness. Once mixed and cooked for about 5-7 minutes, it's set aside to cool and solidify. The payasam base combines milk, and cardamom powder for that quintessential aroma, condensed milk for richness, and pureed coconut pulp for an authentic coconut flavor. After cooking the base for 8-10 minutes, the chopped jelly is added, resulting in a dessert that's best served cold, offering a refreshing end to any meal.

Aruna Vijay's Tender Coconut Jelly Payasam recipe is more than just a testament to her culinary skills; it's an invitation to explore the possibilities within traditional dishes. By adding coconut jelly to the payasam, she has not only enhanced its flavour and texture but also created a dessert that's sure to impress and delight. This recipe is a perfect example of how innovation in the kitchen can lead to extraordinary results, making it a must-try for anyone looking to elevate their dessert repertoire.


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