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Manisha Rani Wishes to Cook Pakodas for Kartik Aaryan

In Farah Khan's lively vlog, Manisha Rani's delightful wish to cook pakodas for her beloved Kartik Aaryan steals the show.

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Manisha Rani Wishes to Cook Pakodas for Kartik Aaryan

Photo Credit: Manisha Rani's Instagram

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Enter the enchanting realm of Bollywood through Farah Khan's popular vlog, where a heartwarming wish from Manisha Rani to cook pakodas for her favorite star, Kartik Aaryan, takes center stage.

Setting the Scene: In Farah Khan's popular vlog, a heartwarming moment unfolds as Manisha Rani expresses her desire to cook pakodas for her favorite Bollywood star, Kartik Aaryan.

Friendly Banter: During the visit to Manisha Rani's house, the atmosphere is filled with laughter and the aroma of delicious pakodas frying in the kitchen, setting the stage for a jovial conversation.

Dream Celebrity Guest: Farah Khan poses a hypothetical question to Manisha Rani, asking her which celebrity she would like to cook for. Manisha's immediate and candid response is "Kartik Aaryan," showcasing her genuine admiration for the actor.

Affectionate Gesture: Manisha's enthusiasm and fondness for Kartik are evident as she expresses her desire to share a homemade delicacy with him, reflecting the universal appeal of the actor in Bollywood.

Fun Twist: When Farah asks Manisha which food Kartik could be, she playfully responds with "rasmalai," adding a touch of humor to the conversation and highlighting the friendly rapport between the guests.

Celebrating Bollywood Moments: This heartwarming interaction in Farah Khan's vlog captures the essence of fun, friendship, and the love for good food that defines Bollywood culture, leaving fans smiling and entertained.

This touching moment in Farah Khan's vlog reflects the warmth and camaraderie within Bollywood. Manisha Rani's desire to cook for Kartik Aaryan adds a charming twist to the industry's relationships.

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