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Chef Meghna's Delightful Orange Pista Rice Pudding Recipe (No Added Sugar)

Chef Meghna brings us a no-added-sugar Orange Pista Rice Pudding recipe that's both easy to prepare and a treat for your taste buds.
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Chef Meghna's Delightful Orange Pista Rice Pudding Recipe (No Added Sugar)

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  • Chef Meghna is a food influencer
  • She creates simple, easy and delicious recipes
  • Chef Meghna shares an easy Orange Pista Rice Pudding recipe

Chef Meghna, a renowned food influencer known for her simple, easy, and delicious recipes, has yet again curated a delightful dessert that you can effortlessly whip up using common ingredients found in your kitchen. In this article, we're excited to share Chef Meghna's Orange Pista Rice Pudding recipe, a unique twist on the traditional kheer, with a fusion of white chocolate, rice, milk, California pistachios, and zesty oranges. This dessert not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also adds a burst of colour to your table. Best of all, it's sugar-free! So, let's dive into the delectable world of this creamy, nutty, and flavorful rice pudding.

1. The Ingredients You Need

Before delving into the preparation, let's gather the essential ingredients for this scrumptious dessert. You'll require rice, milk, white chocolate, California pistachios, and oranges. The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity and accessibility, as these ingredients are commonly found in most kitchens.

2. Preparing the Rice Pudding Base

To start, Chef Meghna instructs us to take 2 cups of milk and add 4 tablespoons of soaked rice to it. As you cook the mixture, the rice will gradually become tender, and the mixture will thicken to a creamy consistency. This forms the delectable base of our pudding.

3. The Magic of White Chocolate

Now comes the exciting part—adding the fusion element to our dessert. Once the rice is fully cooked and the mixture is creamy, turn off the heat and give it a good stir. At this stage, introduce 200 grams of chopped white cooking chocolate into the warm rice mixture. Stir diligently to ensure that the white chocolate melts completely, transforming the mixture into a luscious chocolate ganache.

4. Adding Zesty Citrus Flair

After the rice-chocolate amalgamation has cooled down, it's time to enhance the flavor profile. Grate the zest of one orange and finely chop California pistachios. These additions introduce a refreshing citrus aroma and a delightful nuttiness to the dessert. The combination of orange and pistachios not only elevates the taste but also adds a vibrant visual appeal to the pudding.

5. The Chilling Finish

To perfect your Orange Pista Rice Pudding, refrigerate it for a couple of hours. Chilling allows the flavors to meld and intensify, creating a harmonious dessert experience.

6. Presentation and Garnish

When you're ready to serve, add fresh orange segments and a generous sprinkle of chopped pistachios on top of each serving. The contrast of vibrant orange against the rich, creamy pudding creates an inviting visual that is as captivating as its taste.

Chef Meghna's Orange Pista Rice Pudding, with its delightful fusion of white chocolate, California pistachios, and zesty oranges, offers a delightful and guilt-free dessert experience. It proves that you don't need added sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth. This easy-to-follow recipe combines accessible ingredients with a creative twist, making it a perfect addition to your culinary repertoire. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your ingredients, and treat yourself to a flavorful and visually appealing dessert that is sure to impress your friends and family.


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