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Use This Nutritious and Tasty Recipe to Bid adieu to Store-Bought Ketchup

This homemade tomato ketchup recipe, which Chef Neha Deepak Shah shares exclusively, calls for no additional thickeners or sweeteners.

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Use This Nutritious and Tasty Recipe to Bid adieu to Store-Bought Ketchup

Photo Credit: Neha Deepak Shah

  • Better when made at Home
  • Kashmiri Laal Mirch for Color
  • Easy Way to Store for Future Use

Tomato ketchup is the most flexible and popular condiment in every home, especially with children. Nonetheless, the store-bought versions frequently fall short because of their chemical thickeners and excess sugar. But don't worry—chef Neha Deepak Shah's delicious homemade tomato ketchup recipe is here to save your palate.

DIY Ketchup Recipe:

A burst of real tomato flavor, balanced by the gentle sweetness of natural ingredients like apple and jaggery, is what Chef Neha's recipe promises. This ketchup, made with nutritious ingredients like potato and pumpkin, is not only delicious, but it also contains a lot of important elements.

This recipe's adaptability is one of its best qualities. You can adjust the heat level of Kashmiri red chili powder without sacrificing the bright red color that characterizes traditional ketchup. You can adjust the spice to your level of heat with this recipe, whether you like a gentle nudge or a powerful punch. 

The advantages don't end there, either. Compared to store-bought ketchup, Chef Neha's homemade version is healthier because it doesn't contain thickeners or processed sugar. Her methodical directions will help you become an expert at making delicious, precisely thick ketchup without the use of artificial ingredients.

After making a batch of this delicious condiment, Chef Neha walks you through bottling and preserving it for later use. Your homemade ketchup will stay tasty and fresh for up to two months, ready to enhance whatever food it is served with, if you follow a few easy procedures.

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