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Neha Deepak Shah's Innovative Hack: Cooking with Electric Iron

Neha Deepak Shah's innovative cooking: a cheese sandwich ironed using baking paper, a safer and more successful option.

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Neha Deepak Shah's Innovative Hack

Photo Credit: Neha Deepak Shah Instagram

  • Neha Deepak Shah's successful cheese sandwich with a clothes iron
  • The choice of baking paper over aluminium foil for this creative cooking
  • A cheese sandwich ironed using baking paper

Neha Deepak Shah recently released an intriguing video titled 'Cooking with a Clothes Iron,' in which she started an unusual culinary experiment. She demonstrated how to prepare a great cheese sandwich using a clothes iron in this unique cooking demonstration, illustrating that creativity knows no bounds.

Using Baking Paper Instead of Aluminium Foil

One of Neha's cooking methods that stood out was her use of baking paper instead of aluminium foil. She explained that a prior food blogger had tried a similar foil approach and received bad feedback. Neha's usage of baking paper demonstrated her dedication to safety and effectiveness in her cooking endeavours.

A Nod to 'MasterChef' India

Neha particularly remembered 'MasterChef' India Season 2 or 3, when contestants were challenged to cook using household tools such as an iron. This job from the popular cookery show inspired her unorthodox culinary trip. Neha's inventiveness in the cuisine reflects that of the 'MasterChef' candidates.

A Traveller Game-Changer

Neha emphasised the convenience of her cooking approach, particularly for travellers staying in hotel rooms or hostels. Making cheese toast is quick and easy when you use a clothes iron and baking paper. She emphasised that baking paper is heat-resistant and a safe option for this unusual cooking method.

Finally, Neha Deepak Shah's short film 'Cooking with a Clothes Iron' demonstrates her unique approach to culinary experiments. Her effective cheese sandwich preparation, use of baking paper instead of aluminium foil, and nod to MasterChef India make this an intriguing and useful cooking tip. Neha's creative cooking approach offers up a world of possibilities in the domain of unorthodox cuisine, whether you're a seasoned cook or an adventurous traveller.

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