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Rukhsaar Sayeed Shares Refreshing Dandelion Weed Recipe

Rukhsaar Sayeed, a food influencer shares a traditional and delightful Dandelion Weed recipe.

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Rukhsaar Sayeed Shares Refreshing Dandelion Weed Recipe

Photo Credit: Rukhsaar Sayeed Instagram

  • Rukhsaar Sayeed is a social media influencer.
  • She shares a Dandelion Weed recipe.
  • This recipe holds many health beneficial properties.

Masterchef Rukhsaar Sayeed, a food influencer and a digital content creator known for sharing her innovative recipes. In her recent video she perfectly highlights her signature Dandelion Flower recipe. As an expert of flavor and textures Rukhsaar infuses this simple yet elegant dish with her expertise. 

Dandelion is a flower plant and a weed that grows in many parts of the world. Its greens have been often used in Kashmir as a cuisine particularly for lactating mothers in olden times. It is known for having medicinal properties and has been used to treat quantities ailments including liver, digestive disorders, appetite tonic and as aperient.

Pre-cooking of greens:

  • After carefully harvesting, remove all the dirt and mud attached to it.
  • Picking fresh and young green is essential.
  • As the greens are quite bitter in taste, it's important to pre-cook them.
  • Boil the greens for 3-5 minutes with added baking soda (half teaspoon) to preserve the color.
  • Discard the water and repeat the process 2 times.
  • Squeeze the excess green.

For Cottage Cheese:

  • 500 ml full fat milk
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • Bring the milk to boil, add vinegar and cook until the whey separates.
  • Transfer the solids into a muslin cloth and let in drain all the excess whey.

Dandelion Green Saute:

  • 1 tbsp ghee
  • 1 onion sliced
  • Garlic shoot paste 1 tsp
  • 3 green chillies
  • 1 lemon
  • Salt to taste
  • Blanched dandelion greens
  • Crumbled cottage cheese


  • Saute onion in ghee.
  • Add garlic, green chillies and cook for a few minutes.
  • The onion should remain crunchy.
  • Add dandelion greens, cottage cheese and lemon juice.
  • Enjoy it  with rice or as a salad!

Rukhsaar Sayeed, each step of the process, shows her passion and love towards food. She infuses every bite with love and care. Her careful attention to detail ensures that each dandelion flower plant is a masterpiece in its own right, shivering with flavor and texture.

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