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Holi 2024: Try This Simple and Easy Kamaldeep Kaur's Gujiya Recipe

Kamaldeep Kaur shares her beloved gujiya recipe.

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Holi 2024: Try This Simple and Easy Kamaldeep Kaur's Gujiya Recipe

Photo Credit: Kamaldeep Kaur

  • Flavours of Desi Ghee make it better
  • Remove the Raw taste of mawa
  • Dry Roast Coconut

With the delicious gujiya recipe by Kamaldeep Kaur, discover the fascinating world of Indian desserts. As a foodie who enjoys making traditional dishes, Kamaldeep shares her tried-and-true recipe for these mouthwatering sweets that will make you nostalgic and sate your sweet tooth. 

Gujiya Recipe:

First, add a variety of dried fruits to a skillet with plenty of hot ghee, and let them roast to perfection, releasing their aromatic flavours. After they are golden brown, remove from the heat and dry roast the semolina (suji) until fragrant and just beginning to turn golden.

It's now time to prepare the mawa, which will give the filling a rich, creamy texture, by simmering it until its raw flavor is eliminated. Subsequently, dry roast the coconut until it releases a lovely aroma, which will improve the gujiyas' overall flavor profile. 

Place all the roasted ingredients in a large mixing basin and let their flavors melt together pleasantly. Now make the dough by combining the moin (ghee) and maida (all-purpose flour), and kneading it until it becomes elastic and smooth. Give it a few minutes to settle so the gluten can loosen up.

Roll out the dough into thin discs by dividing it into small sections. To construct crescent-shaped gujiyas, spoon a good amount of filling onto each disc, fold it over, and seal the edges. Before you fry them till they are the right golden color, let them sit for a few minutes to let the flavours meld. 

Enjoy the combination of flavours and textures that Kamaldeep's skillful hands have creatively created as you bite into each crispy bite of these handcrafted gujiyas.

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