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Explore Neha Deepak Shah's Technique for Oil-Free Puris

The Creative Dish by Neha Deepak Shah: Oil-Free Puris for Lighter Treats.
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Explore Neha Deepak Shah's Technique for Oil-Free Puris

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  • Nutritious versions of traditional pooris
  • Creative cooking method
  • Easy and practical method to relish

Neha Deepak Shah shines out with her unique take on classic Indian food in a world of cutting-edge recipes and imaginative tweaks. With her most recent discovery, she reveals a revolutionary method for making puris without using any oil at all, giving healthy foodies cause for celebration.

Neha's Technique for Oil-Free Puris:

Neha's method starts with making a basic dough and then adding a small amount of curd to give it more flavor and firmness. You'll want to form the puris exactly like usual after letting the dough sit for a minimum of thirty minutes. Neha offers a novel cooking technique, boiling them in water, as an alternative to frying them in oil.

The puris can be fully cooked while keeping their feel and structure by boiling them in water for two to three minutes. Neha's subsequent phase is to air-frying these to get that desired puffiness and golden brown completion, as they begin floating to the top, signifying that they are cooked.

After air-frying for about 4 minutes, the puris become delightfully puffy and delicious, suitable for a hearty and filling lunch with potatoes or chickpeas. 
Neha's creative method not only cuts calories but also improves the eating experience, demonstrating that healthy options may taste just as good.

Meals such as Neha's are a source of ideas for food fanatics who want to adopt more nutritious habits without sacrificing flavor; they encourage folks to try new things in their homes.


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