Overcome Worries with This Simple Technique by Sri Sri Ravishankar

Learn how to overcome worry and self-doubt with a powerful technique shared by spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar.
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Overcome Worries with This Simple Technique by Sri Sri Ravishankar

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  • Worry a lot? Try this technique by Sri Sri Ravishankar
  • Singing your worries away: A magical solution
  • Viewers agree, this technique works wonders

We all experience moments of worry and self-doubt that can sometimes consume our thoughts, creating unnecessary problems in our minds. But how can we put an end to this cycle of worry? Renowned spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar offers a simple yet effective technique for those who find themselves worrying excessively.

Sing Your Worries Away

In a calming voice, Sri Sri Ravishankar suggests, "When you have a worry, sing the worry." For instance, if your worry is, "Will I be able to get a job in America?" he starts singing melodiously, "Will I be able to... get a job... job job..." He explains that by singing your worries, you'll notice a calming effect. Worry tends to originate when your energy gets stuck in the left side of your brain, and singing is a way to shift that energy to the right side.

Positive Feedback from Viewers

The comment section of the video is filled with viewers who have tried and attested to the effectiveness of this technique. One viewer shared, "This is actually super effective." 

Another commented, "This is a very funny hack to implement, but this works wonders! You immediately shift from a worried state of mind to a joyful state of mind."

A user who put this technique to the test praised its efficacy, saying, "Tried and tested, it actually works! It works even better when dealing with things out of your control. For example, to relieve the frustration caused by others' behavior, I sing 'Silly people are not my problem, not my problem! Not my problem....' Do it a few times, and you actually stop getting frustrated and let go instantly. In no time, silly people stop frustrating you completely! Magic."

Try It for Yourself

If you find yourself overwhelmed by worries, why not give this technique a try? As per Sri Sri Ravishankar's wisdom, singing your worries can help you regain peace of mind and stop those nagging doubts. Don't let worries control you; take control of your worries instead!


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