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Deepika Singh's Healthy Chana Chaat Recipe

Explore a variety of flavors with this mouthwatering recipe for Chana Chat by Deepika Singh.

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Deepika Singh's Healthy Chana Chaat Recipe

Photo Credit: Deepika Singh Instagram

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to get ready
  • Crunchy and Tender
  • Pinch of freshness via coriander

Go nowhere else than Deepika Singh's Chana Chat dish if you're searching for a snack that's both tasty and healthful. The actor's skill as a chef and her love of making foods that are filling and healthy are evident in this tasty combination.

Chana Chaat Recipe:

All you require to make this delicious snack is a bowl of roasted chana, some new coriander, green chilli, cucumber, onion, and tomatoes. Deepika suggests including two spoons of mustard oil, chaat masala, and a teaspoon of Maggie masala to enhance the flavors. This delicious combination is finished with pomegranate seeds, a dash of black salt, and a big dab of lemon juice.

The simplicity is what makes it so beautiful. This recipe is ideal for any occasion, be it an informal gathering with your buddies or just a simple need for a tasty snack. Each bite is enhanced by the delicious mix of tender tomatoes and crisp chana.

This Chana Chat is beneficial for your well-being in addition to being a delicious pleasure. The roasted chana gives you a good amount of protein, which prolongs the sensation of fullness and satisfaction. In the meantime, this dish's variety of veggies provides a substantial amount of fiber, which helps with metabolism and enhances general health.

Savour the flavors of this tasty snack, and with each bite, reward oneself with an infusion of crunchy, tangy pleasure. You will appreciate it inside out without any doubt!

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