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Sharan Hegde's 'The 1% Club' Secures INR 10 Crore Investment from Gruhas, backed by Nikhil Kamath

The 1% Club, led by finfluencer Sharan Hegde, gets a significant INR 10 Crore investment from Gruhas.

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Sharan Hegde's 'The 1% Club' Secures INR 10 Crore Investment from Gruhas, backed by Nikhil Kamath

Photo Credit: Sharan Hegde's Team

  • 'The 1% Club' secures INR 10 Crore investment
  • The investment comes from Gruhas, co-founded by Nikhil Kamath
  • 'The 1% Club' aims to empower financial independence

Empowering Financial Literacy

India's financial landscape is evolving as finfluencers make their foray into entrepreneurship. In a groundbreaking development, 'The 1% Club,' led by renowned finfluencer Sharan Hegde and Raghav Gupta, recently secured a significant INR 10 Crore investment from Gruhas, co-founded by Nikhil Kamath (of Zerodha fame) and Abhijeet Pai (from Puzzolana Group). This strategic collaboration signifies a significant milestone at the intersection of fintech and edtech.

Finfluencers Turned Entrepreneurs

The investment landscape is witnessing an exciting shift as finfluencers transition from viral content creators to entrepreneurial trailblazers. 'The 1% Club' is setting the stage as the first influencer-backed company to embark on this transformative journey. With substantial funds from this investment, the company aims to expand its operations and attract top industry talent. 

SEBI Registration: A Crucial Step

Moreover, 'The 1% Club' is in advanced discussions regarding registration with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), a critical move to enhance its credibility and regulatory compliance in the finance sector. This strategic step underscores the company's commitment to providing legitimate and regulated financial education.

The 1% Club: Fusing Education with Fintech

"Financial planning is nothing without education," states Sharan Hegde emphatically. "People can only invest wisely and make informed financial decisions when they are well-educated about the subject. The 1% Club is the first-of-its-kind social finance app that masterfully combines the power of education with the convenience of fintech, enabling our users to embark on a journey of financial empowerment."

Nikhil Kamath's Vision

Nikhil Kamath from Gruhas notes, “The 1% Club represents a unique fusion of finance and community, a combination that can transform how individuals approach wealth creation and financial management. I believe in the potential of this platform to redefine the future of fintech & edtech."

Mission to Empower Financial Independence

Co-founder Raghav Gupta emphasizes their mission: "India is one of the fastest-growing economies globally, and in a nation full of aspirations, we're striving to help individuals turn these aspirations into reality. The 1% Club aims to cater to the desire to enhance the financial well-being of New India. After my success with Futurense, providing zero-cost upskilling opportunities to Indian talent, The 1% Club represents a natural progression in elevating the financial status of the people."

Transforming Financial Literacy

Abhijeet Pai, Co-Founder of Gruhas, acknowledges the impact of 'The 1% Club' by stating, "1% Club addresses the issue of financial literacy and community building by combining essential data statistics with a unique way of communication. This approach significantly increases reach and interaction with today's youth. The 1% Club empowers India's growing workforce to attain financial independence through early engagement and a deeper understanding of available financial choices. We are delighted to support Team Sharan and their vision for the 1% club."

Sharan Hegdes The 1% Club Secures INR 10 Crore Investment from Gruhas, backed by Nikhil Kamath

Photo Credit: Sharan Hegde's Team

What is 'The 1% Club'?

The 1% Club is an exclusive members-only platform founded by Sharan Hegde and Raghav Gupta. It aims to empower individuals with the knowledge, tools, and mindset needed to achieve financial independence and retire early. Through its community and academy, the 1% Club offers educational resources, mentorship, and entrepreneurial opportunities, helping individuals transform their financial futures.

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