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Pavitra Kaur Unveils Innovation Recipe Using Oats

Pavitra Kaur shares an easy recipe for oats.

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Pavitra Kaur Unveils Innovation Recipe Using Oats

Photo Credit: Pavitra Kaur Instagram

  • Easy Everyday Meal
  • Sprouts for Complete Protein intake
  • Use of eno for the fluffiness

When it comes to experimenting with food, Pavitra Kaur is a shining example of inventiveness because she often publishes recipes that combine taste and health. Her most recent food creation, Oats Machli, is a unique blend of healthful ingredients and mouthwatering flavor that is sure to transform your mealtime experience. 

Interesting Oats Recipe:

To make this dish at home, begin by finely grinding oats in a blender until a smooth powder forms. Then, combine the oats with the gram flour, sooji, beetroot, carrot, green chilli, turmeric, ginger, cumin seeds, dry fenugreek leaves, salt, and water till thick paste forms. Add the sweet corn and eno for taste and texture, and you'll have a delicious experience.

This is where the real magic comes in, though, since this adaptable blend may be used in a variety of culinary applications. There are a plethora of alternatives to choose from, including the crispy edges of pudas, the fluffy softness of idlis, and the savory taste of cheelas. 

Pavitra then takes the batter and pours it into a fish-shaped sandwich maker which after baking turns out to be soft and tasty. Pavitra recommends serving the Oats Machli with a side of sprouts and green chutney to further enhance the dining experience. This not only perfectly enhances the food, but it also guarantees a nutritious, flavorful, and well-balanced supper.

With Pavitra Kaur's recipe for Oats Machli, you can take your taste buds on a sensory-pleasing food journey that will satisfy your hunger and enhance your health.

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