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Discover the Enchantment of Tandoori Chai with Kabita Singh's Recipe

Come along with Kabita Singh as she pours the ideal cup of Tandoori Chai.
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Discover the Enchantment of Tandoori Chai with Kabita Singh's Recipe

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Join Kabita Singh as she shares her special recipe for tandoori chai and explore the rich and distinctive world of this tea. The tea-drinking experience may be elevated to new heights with Kabita's approach, which includes picking your favourite chai mix.

Tandoori Chai Recipe:

Tea lovers have been thrilled with Tandoori Chai's distinct blend of innovation and tradition, which has caused it to take the beverage world by storm. Join her as she offers her tried-and-true recipe, which is loaded with flavour, warmth, and a hint of nostalgia.

Kabita suggests that you start your tandoori chai recipe with your preferred kind of tea. You can choose between the bold taste of masala chai and the comforting simplicity of ginger tea. Kabita chooses the energising spice of ginger tea for her own cup, laying the groundwork for an incredibly memorable brew.

To infuse the water with its warm, fragrant essence, start by bringing a pan of water to a boil and adding thinly sliced ginger. After that, add your sugar and chai patti (tea leaves) to the heating water.

She adds a touch of tandoor by using an earthen cup rather than just pouring the tea into a cup. Kabita warms the earthen cup over an open flame on all sides before adding the tea, giving the cup a light smokiness.

Once the tea has been perfectly made and the earthen cup has warmed. Pour the heating chai slowly into the earthen cup that has been waiting, letting the earthy warmth and smoky aroma blend together. Enjoy the unique smokey & tandoori flavor as you dive into the essence of the brewed tea.


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