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Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya's Quick and Tasty Egg Idli Recipe

Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya shares an innovative Egg Idli recipe, combining simplicity with flavour for a delightful culinary experience.
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Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya's Quick and Tasty Egg Idli Recipe

Photo Credit: Sneha Singhi Upadhaya Instagram

  • Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya is a food influencer
  • She brings you an Egg Idli recipe
  • It requires a handful of ingredients and is very delicious in taste

In the quest for quick, nutritious, and delicious breakfast options, Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya, a celebrated food influencer, introduces a novel twist to traditional idlis. Her Egg Idli recipe is a testament to culinary creativity, requiring just a few basic ingredients to whip up a dish that's both satisfying and flavorful. Perfect for busy mornings or a protein-packed snack, this recipe is set to become a staple in your cooking repertoire.

Crafting the Perfect Egg Idli

Ingredients and Preparation:

Chef Sneha's Egg Idli recipe is as straightforward as it is delicious. It starts with oiling katoris (small bowls) and breaking an egg into each. The addition of finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chillies introduces a burst of freshness, while the seasoning with salt and red chilli powder adds the necessary zing.

Cheese for a Gourmet Touch:

A sprinkle of grated cheese on top not only enriches the flavour but also adds a creamy texture, making each bite irresistible. The cheese perfectly complements the spiciness of the chillies and the tanginess of the tomatoes, creating a well-rounded taste profile.

Cooking Method:

The idlis are then gently placed in a pan with water and steamed with a lid on for about 5 minutes for those who prefer a runny yolk, or 8 minutes for a well-cooked egg. This versatile cooking method ensures that whether you like your yolks soft or fully set, there's an option for everyone.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve these Egg Idlis hot, right out of the steamer, for a heartwarming and fulfilling meal. They're perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even as a light dinner, pairing wonderfully with chutneys or sauces of your choice.

Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya's Egg Idli recipe is a brilliant example of how traditional recipes can be adapted for modern tastes and lifestyles. With its easy preparation and rich flavours, it's sure to appeal to food lovers looking for new and exciting breakfast ideas. This recipe not only showcases Chef Sneha's culinary expertise but also her commitment to making cooking a joyous and accessible experience for all.


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