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RJ Karishma & Dharna Durga's Hilarious Bigg Boss Couple Act Takes Internet by Storm

RJ Karishma and Dharna Durga's hilarious Bigg Boss-inspired reel wins hearts online. The relatable video showcasing perfect couple mimicry is a hit, earning praise for their impeccable chemistry.

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RJ Karishma & Dharna Durga's Hilarious Bigg Boss Couple Act Takes Internet by Storm

Photo Credit: Rj Karishma and Dharna Durga's Instagram

  • RJ Karishma & Dharna's Bigg Boss couple banter
  • Internet applauds the relatability of the reel
  • Users can't stop praising the duo's chemistry

For avid Bigg Boss fans, the show is not just a source of entertainment but also meme-worthy content. From iconic catchphrases to memorable reactions, the show has given the audience countless moments to cherish. It seems like digital creators and influencers can't resist the temptation to recreate some of the most famous ones.

In a recent collaboration that has taken the internet by storm, RJ Karishma and Dharna Durga teamed up to act like couples straight out of the Bigg Boss house. The reel is a delightful showcase of their comedic talent and also perfectly captures the relatability of the iconic show.

Perfect Mimicry of Bigg Boss Couples

The video is a laughter-packed ride as the duo impeccably enacts the mannerisms and behaviors of couples that have graced the Bigg Boss house. From inside jokes to dramatic gestures, RJ Karishma and Dharna Durga nail the nuances with impressive accuracy, leaving viewers in splits.

Relatability Wins Hearts

The comment section echoes the sentiments of many, with users applauding the duo for their spot-on enactment. Even popular digital creator Kusha Kapila couldn't resist expressing her admiration, commenting, "Mujhe bhi le lo apni team mein yaaar."

The praise continues, with comments like "Nailed it, nobody can copy better than you" and "The chemistry is chemistrying!" The intense and infectious chemistry between the two creators shines through in the video, adding an extra layer of charm to their hilarious performance.

This isn't the first time RJ Karishma and Dharna Durga have joined forces to entertain their audience. Previously, they portrayed college couples, showcasing their versatility and comedic timing. 

As social media becomes a prominent platform for talent showcases, fans hope that directors are taking note of the fabulous performances of this dynamic duo. With their knack for humour and chemistry, RJ Karishma and Dharna Durga are undoubtedly nailing it on social media with their talent.

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