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Sakshi Shivdasani Takes a Dig at Influencers' Reactions at the Latest Meta's App Threads

Sakshi Shivdasani shares a hilarious reel, playfully mocking influencers with the coming of the new social media platform Threads.
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Sakshi Shivdasani Takes a Dig at Influencers' Reactions at the Latest Meta's App Threads

Photo Credit: Sakshi Shivdasani Instagram

  • Sakshi shared some quirky blended comedy content on social media
  • Meta recently introduced its latest social media platform, 'Threads'
  • Her light-hearted commentary resonates well with her audience

Since the introduction of Meta's new social platform, Threads, there has been a surge in users, from influencers to social media enthusiasts eager to join this text-based conversation platform. Threads is quickly emerging as a formidable competitor to Twitter, capturing the attention and interest of users.

Among the influencers embracing Threads, Sakshi Shivdasani stands out for her ability to find humour. She shared a dancing reel that amusingly depicts influencers on their way to collect a sustainability award, humorously suggesting that they recycled their tweets into threads. This light-hearted dig at influencers struck a chord with her followers, resonating with their experiences on social media.

Sakshi Shivdasani's feed has numerous quirky and hilarious posts that captivate her audience. Her creativity showcases her ability to find humour in everyday situations and share relatable content has established her as a beloved figure on the internet. She continues to engage and entertain her followers through her creative and witty posts.

Threads' emergence as a prominent text-based conversation platform has sparked excitement and curiosity among users, particularly influencers and social media enthusiasts. With its potential to provide a new way for engaging and interactive discussions, Threads is seen as a noteworthy competitor to established platforms like Twitter.

As influencers and users have started using Threads, the platform offers a fresh space for connecting with audiences and sharing thoughts in a text-based format. Sakshi Shivdasani's clever posts highlight the ever-evolving nature of social media platforms and our nature towards reacting to them.

Through her humorous and relatable content, Sakshi Shivdasani continues to charm her followers, providing a welcome dose of laughter and lightheartedness.

FAQ About Sakshi Shivdasani

What is the age of Sakshi Shivdasani and where does she live?

Sakshi Shivdasa is a 1994 year born, hence she is 24 years old. Sakshi Shivdasani is born and brought up in Mumbai, India and she is also currently residing in Mumbai.


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