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Kusha Kapila on Divorce and Online Trolling: 'I Have to Be Thick-Skinned and the Scars Will Begin to Heal Soon'

Kusha Kapila shares her journey of dealing with online trolls, separation, and healing while keeping her personal life private.

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Kusha Kapila on Divorce and Online Trolling

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Kusha Kapila continues to shine in her career, but it comes with its share of online trolls dissecting her life. In a candid conversation with Zoom TV, Kusha Kapila reveals that, as a public figure, she understands that her personal life will always be under scrutiny. Yet, she has diligently cultivated thick skin to handle the relentless scrutiny that comes her way. In a recent conversation with Zoom TV, She opened up about how she's been handling the trolling since announcing her separation from her former husband, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. 

Kusha Kapila on Dealing with Trolls

When asked about dealing with the trolling she faced following her separation from her former husband, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia, Kusha Kapila responded, "I do understand that this is a part of being a public person. If you're profiting off being a public person, I understand that this is now a part of that. Kuch toh log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna (it is the job of the people to comment), and it was going to happen. I think my life now is in the service of making my skin thicker and thicker every day. And that's just what I work towards literally every day - I have to be immune, I have to be thick-skinned, and the scars will begin to heal soon enough."

'Want to Keep My Healing Private,' Says Kusha Kapila

Maintaining her mental peace has been a priority for Kusha Kapila. She shared, "Want to keep my healing private." When asked how she is ensuring her mental peace, Kusha said she keeps her support system close and added that she has enough work and other distractions. She said, "But I also feel like this - you want to keep your process of healing and feeling better private because it's sacred, and you want to respect all parties involved. So as much as I'd like to protect it with a lock and the key thrown somewhere in the abyss, the better it will be for all of the people who are attached to this."

On the work front, Kusha Kapila is gearing up for her next big-screen appearance. She's set to captivate audiences in the upcoming film 'Thank You For Coming,' alongside Bhumi Pednekar and Shehnaaz Gill. Additionally, she will also be seen in 'Sukhee,' a movie featuring Shilpa Shetty. 

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