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When Funcho Met New Zealand Team: Hilarious Encounters Before India's Semifinal Clash

Get ready for laughs before the crucial India vs. New Zealand match!

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When Funcho Met New Zealand Team: Hilarious Encounters Before India's Semifinal Clash

Photo Credit: Funcho's Instagram

  • Funcho's hilarious banter with the New Zealand team
  • Funcho's witty puns leave New Zealand players in splits
  • India gears up to face New Zealand in the semifinals today

As cricket fever reaches its peak with the much-anticipated semifinal clash between India and New Zealand, Funcho, the popular content creator, added a dash of humor to the cricketing spectacle. Known for their hilarious sketches and videos, Funcho recently shared a laughter-packed encounter with the New Zealand team ahead of the crucial match. In a side-splitting video, Funcho showcased his witty banter with key players of the New Zealand team. The fun began with a pun-filled exchange with New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson. Addressing him as 'Undertaker brother' due to his first name, Kane, Funcho humorously questioned if 'William' was his father's name, leading to a confused but amused response from Williamson. The banter continued with Funcho cheekily asking if he was not 'Williamson,' to which the cricketer responded in Hindi, "Aye niklo" (Hey, get out). The video also captured Funcho's playful interactions with Ish Sodhi, Tom Latham, Devon Conway, and others. Sharing the video on social media, Funcho added a comment, "Inka moral down kar chuke hai hum, don't worry," suggesting that their lame comedic antics may have dampened the mood for the New Zealand team amid the intensity of the semifinal match against India.  

Cricket enthusiasts thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse into the lighter side of their favorite New Zealand players. The comment section buzzed with fans playfully speculating whether Funcho's witty remarks might have affected the Kiwi team's morale, creating a humorous build-up to the high-stakes encounter between India and New Zealand. As excitement peaks for the semifinals, cricket fans eagerly anticipate both a thrilling match on the field and a laughter-filled spectacle off it, courtesy of Funcho's comedic genius.

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