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Winters Calls For Quintessential Gond Laddus That Are Also Gluten-Free

Gond laddus are nutritious winter treats that not only provide warmth but also prove to be a delightful sweet option with numerous health benefits.

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Winters Calls For Quintessential Gond Laddus That Are Also Gluten-Free

Photo Credit: Khushboo Instagram

  • Khushboo is a famous food influencer
  • She recently prepared the immunity booster gond laddus
  • These laddus are also gluten-free and extremely nutritious

As cold weather arrives, households across India craft Gond ke laddu, a winter special. These nutritious treats serve as a wholesome dessert, cherished throughout the season for their unique blend of health and sweetness, offering a comforting delight during the colder months.

These gond laddus contain the goodness of urad dal flour, oats, quinoa, ghee, edible gum, nuts, and Indian spices that help to keep you warm during winter. Not only that, it is great homemade gluten-free substitute to energy bars brought from stores.

Gond Laddus Recipe

  • Pour desi ghee into the pan
  • Then roast the flours (urad dal flour, oats and quinoa)
  • When the mixture turns golden, add Goond to the mixture
  • Add the remaining nuts and Indian spices
  • Once the gond laddu mixture is ready, take the pan out of the flame
  • Now to the pan, add ghee and to it add jaggery
  • Let the jaggery liquidify.
  • Now to the melted jaggery, add gond laddu mixture and mix thoroughly.
  • Lastly, form the laddus and store it in an air-tight container.

Gond Health Benefits

Gond offers numerous health advantages:

  • Internal Warmth: Consuming gond during winter ensures internal warmth.
  • Cold and Flu Prevention: Gond is highly effective in preventing cold and flu, making it a winter staple.
  • Throat and Stomach Health: It aids in healing sore throat and reducing stomach inflammation.
  • Anti-ageing and Skin Health: Gond's anti-ageing properties contribute to overall skin health.
  • Dietary Fiber Benefits: Being a rich source of dietary fibre, gond induces a feeling of fullness, aiding in weight loss.
  • Cholesterol Reduction and Digestive Support: Gond also lowers cholesterol levels and promotes optimal digestion.

When to Consume Gond Laddus

Optimal moments for indulging in Gond Laddu:

  • Breakfast Bliss: Savor one daily for breakfast. It offers lasting satiety, making it an ideal and effortless winter breakfast.
  • Smart Sweet Swap: Replace sugary cravings with a few bites of these nutritious laddus.
  • Mid-day Delight: Perfect for a mid-day snack, ensuring sustained energy. Hydrate well by drinking ample water alongside your Gond Laddu consumption.

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