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Upgrade Your Breakfast Game With A Classic Club Sandwich

In the latest episode of Breakfast Bliss, accompany Akanksha Khatri as she shares the recipe for a delicious Club Sandwich
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Upgrade Your Breakfast Game With A Classic Club Sandwich

Photo Credit: Akanksha Khatri Instagram

  • Combination that complements each other.
  • Add a vegetarian twist as per preference.
  • Daily delight to your taste buds.

Kitchen expert Akanksha Khatri welcomes audiences to go on an eating adventure with her delectable Club Sandwich and Orange Shots in the most recent episode of Breakfast Bliss. This explosive combination is the finest breakfast pleasure, promising to excite oneself and tantalize taste buds.


To start, assemble your components: a mixture of herbs and spices, bread, eggs, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, and chicken (or paneer/tofu for those who are vegetarians). For at least 50 minutes, the protein is marinated in a mixture of chili, olive oil, and salt in Akanksha's classic club sandwich. Make the immune-boosting Orange Turmeric Shots by blending orange, ginger, and turmeric until fine while the meat is prepared.

After marinating, pan-cook the protein until it's soft and juicy. To give the sandwich an additional layer of flavor and consistency, make a thin omelet on the same pan. Once the bread is perfectly toasted, cover it thickly with tandoori mayo for more flavor.

Stack the omelet, fresh salads, toasted bread, chicken (or paneer/tofu), and put together the sandwich. To ensure that all the flavors blend perfectly, place a further slice of bread on top and firmly compress.

Toss & enjoy with the refreshing Orange Shots for an infusion of lively freshness that balances the sandwich's savory deliciousness. It's not been simpler or more pleasant to raise the morning game than with the sound advice of Akanksha Khatri.


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