Rujuta Diwekar's Expert Tips for Knee and Joint Health Before Your Trek

The stair workouts shared in Rujuta Diwekar's reel include controlled descent, sideways ascent, and leg stretches to prevent sore knees and joints.
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Rujuta Diwekar's Expert Tips for Knee and Joint Health Before Your Trek

Photo Credit: Rujuta Diwekar Instagram

  • Rujuta Diwekar shares pre-trek knee and joint care exercises
  • Reduce the risk of aching knees and joints during your journey
  • Quick and easy exercises to start 2-4 months ahead of your trip

An Introduction to the Pre-Trek Exercise Programme by Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar, a renowned nutritionist and fitness guru, has once more saved the day with her wise advice. In a recent video on her social media page, she offers insightful guidance for those setting off on a trek or a long travel. the centre of attention? Getting your joints and knees ready to ensure a pain-free and satisfying experience.

Exercise 1: The Gently Descending

While on a hike, securely descending is just as important as rising. Rujuta teaches a straightforward exercise to fight gravity. Start by standing at the top of the stairs and carefully lowering one foot onto each step. Your knees and joints will experience less stress as a result of this regulated walking motion, which slows down gravity. To improve stability and reduce the chance of injuries during your descent, repeat this exercise five times.

Exercise 2: Upward Slope

A clever strategy to appropriately disperse the strain on your knees and joints is sideways ascent. Face to the side as you start at the foot of the steps. Place your left leg up on the step first, then your right leg. While facing one direction, make three repetitions of this action. Then, switch to the opposite side. By ensuring a balanced weight on your lower body, this exercise supports joint health during your walk.

Exercise 3: Stretching on the stairs

Keeping your flexibility is essential to avoiding discomfort on your travels. Put your right foot on the other stair and extend your left leg straight to do this exercise to stretch your legs. Keep your left thigh straight and lightly touch the right foot's heel on the step. Hold this stance with an upright chest posture for five seconds. To ensure balance in your flexibility, repeat the stretch with your left leg.

Final Thoughts: Prepare for the Trek

With a reminder to include these workouts in your routine, Rujuta Diwekar ends her reel. You can prevent injuries to your knees and joints during your journey by allocating a short amount of time to these pre-trek exercises. These exercises will assist you in setting off on your journey with ease and confidence, whether you're preparing for a trekking excursion or a spiritual pilgrimage.
Rujuta Diwekar gives you the information and resources you need to improve your knee and joint health in time for your forthcoming trek in just a few easy steps. You may ensure a pleasurable and pain-free time by commencing these workouts 2-4 months before your trip. So, heed the advice of the professional and check that your joints and knees are in excellent shape before you leave on your journey.