Get Fit Anywhere: A Full Body Workout Without Equipment by Amarjit Rathi

Join fitness enthusiast Amarjit Rathi as he guides you through a comprehensive, equipment-free full-body workout.
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Get Fit Anywhere: A Full Body Workout Without Equipment by Amarjit Rathi

Photo Credit: Amarjit Rathi Instagram

  • Amarjit Rathi's equipment-free workout for a strong and fit body
  • Engage your lower body, abs, and core with a series of targeted exercises
  • Challenge yourself with burpees and mountain climbers

Begin your equipment-free workout by placing your hands behind your head and aiming to bring your elbow and knee together. Perform this exercise for both the left and right elbow and knee. Follow this up with a jump squat. This sequence targets your lower body and abs, providing a solid 40 seconds of exercise followed by a 20-second rest. Repeat this cycle for 4-5 rounds to feel the burn.

Abs Crunch Variations Next:

Focus on strengthening your core with Amarjit Rathi's ab crunch variations. Start by sitting on your hips, then lift both legs in front of you as you perform ab crunches. Afterward, spread your legs apart and bring them back together, repeating the process. Like the previous exercise, maintain the 40 seconds of activity and 20 seconds of rest, and aim for 4-5 rounds to sculpt your abs.

Burpees for Full Body Engagement Now:

It's time to engage your entire body with burpees—a classic and effective exercise. Perform burpees for 40 seconds, followed by a 20-second rest. This exercise targets your full body, offering a complete workout to enhance your strength and endurance.

Ab Crunches with a Twist Take:

During your crunches, challenge yourself to clap your hands underneath your legs when you do an ab crunch. This twist adds an extra layer of intensity to your workout while maintaining the same duration and rest intervals.

Mountain Climber Challenge:

Wrap up your equipment-free workout by getting into the mountain climber position. Alternate touching your left shoulder with your right hand and vice versa. This exercise not only works your core but also improves your overall body coordination. Stick to the same duration, rest, and rounds as the previous exercises for a balanced routine.

Amarjit Rathi's full-body workout without equipment is a versatile and effective way to stay in shape, no matter where you are. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, these exercises offer a challenging and accessible option to achieve your fitness goals.