Health Benefits Of Quality Sleep

Himeesh Madaan, a Motivational and lifestyle coach, highlights the importance of quality sleep at night.

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Health Benefits Of Quality Sleep

Photo Credit: Himeesh Madaan Instagram

  • Himeesh Madaan is a motivational coach
  • Understanding the reason behind daytime laziness
  • Highlights the power of quality sleep

Most of the time, it is seen that people are suffering from laziness and tiredness regardless of apparently getting a full night's sleep. But why does this happen? According to motivational speaker and lifestyle coach Himeesh Madaan, the culprit might just be the quality of your sleep.  In his recent video, Madaan highlights a very important yet often unnoticed aspect of our daily lives: the importance of quality sleep on our overall well-being and productivity.

According to Madaan, many individuals suffer from feelings of laziness, dullness, or an inability to focus during waking time, all of which can be traced back to the quality of their sleep. Due to his personal experience, Madaan doesn't just stop at identifying this problem but also gives you practical solutions and experiments to improve sleep quality.

One such experiment suggested by Madaan involves noticing the impact of different pre-sleep activities on sleep quality. He recommends simple yet impactful experiments to check out the quality of sleep by performing various activities before bedtime, such as watching violent and horror movies, and comedies, or engaging in meditation. Madaan is trying to persuade their viewers to perform activities like reading books, meditation, or exercise, which he believes have a positive impact on sleep quality compared to addictive activities like scrolling through social media or continuously watching movies or other entertainment sources.

But why does this matter? Madaan clarifies that improving the quality of sleep isn't just important for better rest; it also affects various aspects of life. Better sleep quality can boost focus, memory, relationships, happiness, and even physical health. By understanding how our brains work and taking worthy steps to improve sleep habits, individuals can unlock their full potential and take more better and fulfilling lives.

As you know, it is a very crucial point that most people face in their daily lives. After knowing the reason and sufficient solution with the help of Himeesh Madaan, let's consume this valuable time to rethink your bed routine and invest this time in the quality of your sleep. 


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