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Tejas Joshi Shares Essential Real Estate Documents You Must Know About

Finance influencer Tejas Joshi enlightens you on the essential documents needed for real estate transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure property purchase.

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Tejas Joshi Shares Essential Real Estate Documents You Must Know About

Photo Credit: Tejas Joshi Instagram

  • Tejas Joshi is a finance influencer and digital creator
  • He enlightens you about important documents of real estate
  • Read on to benefit your next real estate deal!

Are you naive about real estate and the necessary documents involved? Navigating real estate can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding crucial documents. Tejas Joshi, a finance influencer and digital creator, breaks down the essential papers you need to know. Whether buying or selling property, these documents can save you from legal and financial troubles.

The Sale Deed: Proof of Ownership

The Sale Deed is the most important document in your property purchase. It serves as the main proof of ownership and should be registered after the purchase. Without it, you can't legally claim ownership of the property. Ensure it's well-drafted and registered to secure your investment.

Bank NOC: Financial Clearance

A Bank No Objection Certificate (NOC) is crucial when buying a resale flat. It confirms that any loans against the flat are cleared, assuring the buyer of no outstanding debts. If the property was under a mortgage, getting a NOC from the bank is a must. This ensures the property is free from financial liabilities.

Title Deed: Legal Right to Sell

The Title Deed is proof that the seller owns the property and has the right to sell it. It details the property's location, size, boundaries, and ownership history. This document is fundamental for buying a resale flat and ensures you are buying from the rightful owner.

Utility Bills and Tax Receipts: Payment History

When buying a resale flat, check the property's utility bills and tax receipts. These documents show the seller's payment history and ensure there are no outstanding dues. Consistent payments indicate the seller's responsibility towards the property.

Encumbrance Certificate: Free from Liabilities

The Encumbrance Certificate is crucial to check before buying a flat. It ensures the property is free from financial and legal liabilities. This certificate records all transactions related to the property, confirming there are no encumbrances that could affect your ownership.

Understanding these essential documents can make your real estate transaction smooth and secure. Tejas Joshi's insights highlight the importance of the Sale Deed, Bank NOC, Title Deed, Utility Bills and Tax Receipts, and the Encumbrance Certificate. Familiarize yourself with these documents to protect your investment and ensure a hassle-free property purchase.

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