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Ankur Warikoo: 3 Bitter Truths About Money

Content creator and author Ankur Warikoo shares some important life lessons on money.
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Ankur Warikoo: 3 Bitter Truths About Money

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  • Ankur Warikoo emphasizes the importance of money
  • Money can buy time
  • Money can assist in acquiring items that bring happiness

While some people may believe that money isn't of prime importance in life, it is, in fact, a critical factor for achieving happiness and good health. Here's what he shared.

  • Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy things that bring happiness. This invaluable lesson cannot be ignored.
  • Money buys time. You can buy people's time by utilizing their work.
  • Money can purchase good health through a proper diet, a good trainer, healthy food, and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, money helps in the long run to buy time.

Ankur Warikoo firmly believes, "People who are rich may feel that money isn't necessary. Well, it is."

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