Want to Meet Orry? Here's All You Need To Do

Check out an update about Orry's party.

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Want to Meet Orry? Here's All You Need To Do

Photo Credit: Orry Instagram

  • Orry invites his fans to party
  • He shares news on social media
  • Orry: I want to meet you too...

The social media sensation Orry enjoys a massive fan following and his fans are always eager to meet him and get clicked with him. Now, he has given a great opportunity to all his fans to meet him personally. He is throwing a party for them but they have to book the tickets. 


He has announced this on social media, taking to his Instagram stories, he wrote, “Dear friends, fans, minions, potential minions, doppelgänger and honestly anyone and everyone who has wished to meet, party and share a moment with me. You see me on the internet, you see me at parties, and now it's your chance to see me in person. I've seen your dms, I've read your comments and I hear you, and I want to meet you too. I want to meet whoever wants to meet me as badly as they want to meet me, and I am excited.” 

He added, “I request whoever buys the ticket, to wear the complimentary teeshirt that comes along with it, I cannot force you to do anything, but I do request you. These teeshirts are not for sale, they were only ever intended to be used as gifts for my close friends and colleagues, and now you. But my real reason for us all wearing the tee is because well, I want us all to be the same, I will treat no one at this event any differently than I would a friend.” 

“See you on the 15th of April, I don't care if it's one person, 10 people, or 100, I will be there to welcome every one of you.” He concluded. 

Want to Meet Orry? Here's All You Need To Do

Photo Credit: Orry's Instagram

As mentioned by Orry, it's a great opportunity for the one who really loves him, go and grab it. 

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