Shiv Thakare Fans Slams JDJ Makers and Judges: Biased Show

Supporters Show Dissatisfaction over Presumed Bias in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11 Judgement.
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Shiv Thakare Fans Slams JDJ Makers and Judges: Biased Show

Photo Credit: Shiv Thakare Instagram

  • Claims of discrimination
  • Using twitter is a way to vent fans annoyance.
  • Requesting for the evaluation process to be made transparent.

Popular dance reality program Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11 is caught up in controversy as supporters of competitor Shiv Thakare accuse the show of showing partiality to fellow contender Shoaib Ibrahim. The program has been incredibly successful since its launch, and it features a stellar cast of celebrities as contestants and esteemed judges. Recent events, however, have called into question its legitimacy as supporters have expressed disappointment at what they see as judges perceived bias.

Renowned for his remarkable dancing abilities, Shiv Thakare has a devoted following of people who look forward to his weekly performances. But what they see as special consideration for Shoaib Ibrahim—that is, judges supposedly ignoring Thakare's skills in favor of Ibrahim's acting prowess—has tempered their joy.

Followers of Thakare have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, as tweets and posts criticising the show's judges. Supporters have cited occasions in which Ibrahim was praised while Thakare's efforts were sharply criticised, sparking claims of bias and injustice.

Netizens' Reactions:

Taking to the X platform, A user wrote, "So @SonyTV has stooped to the next low, with not a single promo of #ShivThakare given this week instead Biryani bhai ( Shoaib ) was given 2 promos, and other contestants were given 1 promo. Boycott this channel don't watch the show just keep voting for @ShivThakare9"

Another twitted, "If we are going through sony makers judges being biased to a person what must shivu going through we just see hours but he has to sit through many hours and deal with all the biasedness and shit happening #ShivThakare #VoteForShivInJhalak #JhalakDikhhlaJaa #JDJ11WithShivThakare."

The focus is on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11's creators and judges to deal with fan complaints and rebuild trust in the competition's authenticity while the scandal rages on. If the programme can make it past these difficult times and come to the top will only be clear with time.


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