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Top 5 Hair Care Influencers You Should Follow on YouTube

Featuring influencers who provide valuable tips and guidance on haircare.


Top 5 Hair Care Influencers You Should Follow on YouTube

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  • Takeaway tips for nourishing and enriching your hair
  • Today, well-maintained hair contributes to one's overall appearance and c
  • Enhance your overall style by maintaining and caring for your hair

Hair and care is a must thing to keep up your flair. In today's beauty era, how you care for and style your hair has become paramount. We have curated some of the influencers and how the insights shared by them will help you have a good hair day.

1. Shalini Samuel

Shalini Samuel, popularly known as Knot Me Pretty, boasts an impressive following of 982K subscribers on her YouTube channel. As a girl who is always on the go, she understands the challenges of maintaining a beauty and hair routine amidst a hectic lifestyle. With her expertise, she shares easy tips and tricks requiring minimal time, effort, and products, ensuring you can look fabulous even in a rush, from simple everyday hairstyles to adorable buns and braids. These invaluable hacks are perfect for busy individuals seeking quick, effortless beauty solutions.

2. Deepika Joshi

Deepika Joshi, widely known as Desi Curly, has amassed a following of 35.5K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She produces content on this subject to raise awareness and visibility as a supporter of curly hair care in India. Deepika supports embracing one's natural hair and believes self-acceptance calls for support and encouragement. With her unique content, she sets out to portray her love and care for her curly hair, defying conventional notions of beauty.

3. Beauty with Farat

Beauty with Farat, with 192K subscribers, is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things beauty. Farat shares a wide range of content, including haircare tips, makeup hauls, daily life vlogs, challenges, and more. She primarily focuses on hair care and provides valuable insights and expertise to help her viewers achieve healthy and beautiful hair.

4. Nish Hair

Parul Gulati, the owner of Nish Hair, is a dedicated hair care enthusiast. She shares valuable solutions for hair loss, specializing in addressing Alopecia Hair Loss and General Hair Thinning. Nish Hair offers high-quality hair toppers made from 100% human hair. She has over 110K subscribers on her YouTube channel. With her informative content, Parul aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

5. Simmy Goraya

Simmy Goraya, a self-taught makeup enthusiast from Mumbai, shares her passion for makeup through her YouTube channel. With inspiration drawn from beauty gurus on YouTube, Simmy aims to give back by sharing her knowledge and expertise. Her channel features diverse videos, including hair care tips, tricks, and product recommendations. With a subscriber count of 474K, Simmy's channel is a valuable resource for hait as well se beauty enthusiasts.

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