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Saransh Goila's Special Potato Pani Puri Recipe Goes Viral

This Saransh Goila special Pani Puri recipe is a must-try.

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Saransh Goila's Special Potato Pani Puri Recipe Goes Viral

Photo Credit: Saransh Goila Instagram

  • Saransh Goila is a food influencer
  • He shares a special Pani Puri recipe
  • Puri made out of potatoes

Pani Puri is everyone's favorite street food. We always crave delicious Pani Puri and try experimenting with different flavors.  Now, popular food influencer Saransh Goila has shared a very different recipe for Pani Puri. He made Puri out of potatoes. We know you have several questions about the authentic taste of Puri. But we know that food is all about experiments and we must try new things. Though this recipe needs too much effort and time but worth trying.

Here's What You Need To Do:

  • You need thinly sliced potatoes
  • Use a mandoline slicer
  • Sprinkle potato starch generously on one slice
  • Dust off the excess
  • & stick the other side onto it
  • Press it firm
  • & cut into desired spheres (don't waste leftover use in sabzi or cutlet)


  • Fry these carefully once in moderately hot oil
  • Till they puff up and become golden
  • Place them into an air fryer &
  • Air fry at 150C for 4/5 minutes or do a second fry in super hot oil

Final Touch:

  • Crack them open
  • Stuff with chutneys
  • Add boondi, moong ad dahi 
  • Garnish with Anar

If you are a Pani Puri lover, this recipe is for you. This crispiness of the Puri made out of potatoes will make you a fan of this recipe. So, it's a must-try one.

About the Influencer:

Born on Feb 17, 1987, chef Saransh Goila is a popular food influencer. He is known for his delicious delicacies. He is the winner of the Food Food Maha Challenge. He owns the 'Goila Butter Chicken' restaurant in Mumbai. He is also the author of the food travelogue 'India on My Platter'. 

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