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DIY Almond Milk: Digvijay Singh's Easiest Recipe

In just 5 minutes, follow Digvijay Singh's method: soak, blanch, blend with dates, filter, or enjoy as is.
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DIY Almond Milk: Digvijay Singh's Easiest Recipe

Photo Credit: Digvijay Singh Instagram

  • Quick almond milk: Soak, blanch, peel, blend, and enjoy
  • Soften almonds overnight for a creamy milk base
  • Add dates for flavor, filter for smoothness, or enjoy naturally

Creating almond milk in just 5 minutes is a simple and convenient process, thanks to Digvijay Singh's clever method. To start, soak a generous amount of almonds in water overnight to achieve the perfect softness required for creamy almond milk.

Quick Almond Milk Recipe:

Once the almonds have soaked to perfection, the next step involves a quick dip in hot water for 2-3 minutes. This brief hot water bath helps the almonds become more receptive to further steps. Afterward, swiftly transfer them to cold water, ensuring they cool down promptly, making peeling a breeze.

With your softened and peeled almonds prepared, the next step is to blend them into delicious almond milk. Combine the almonds with fresh water and, if desired, a few dates for added flavor. Blending these ingredients results in a rich and creamy almond milk base that can be used in various culinary applications.

The final touch is entirely up to your preference. You can either filter the mixture to achieve a smooth and silky consistency or choose to enjoy it as is, with a slightly nuttier texture. In just a few straightforward steps, Digvijay Singh's method offers you a quick and hassle-free way to prepare homemade almond milk, elevating your morning routine or culinary creations with a delightful and nutritious beverage.

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