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4 Rules: Eating Mithai Guilt-Free This Diwali

Ahead of Diwali 2023, take note of rules that you must follow while eating sweets.
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4 Rules: Eating Mithai Guilt-Free This Diwali

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  • Diwali is the festival of lights
  • Diwali is the time to indulge in sweets
  • Take note of 4 rules of eating mithai

We may follow our diet regimes all around the year but Diwali is that time when we often tend to forget and indulge in sweet delectables. Rujuta and the team have rolled out 4 rules that you can follow to enjoy mithai's guilt-free this Diwali. Jot down those points ahead of Diwali so you the rules and consume your favourite sweets in moderation.

4 Rules of Eating Mithai

Consume Traditional Mithai
You should consume traditional methai like kheer, laddos, halwa, barfi and more whichever is made in-house.

Eat Mithai When You Enjoy the Most
Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or during snack time, always eat your mithai when you enjoy eating them the most.

Consume Fresh One Mithai in a Day
Have only one mithai in a day. If you're someone who can't resist sweets then eat once in day and another at night. Try to have fresh mithai that is either from your favourite shop or made by a special person.

What Not To Consume
Mithai's that have reached out of formality, one should not have those. Avoid having sugar-free mithai as you may end up eating more. Also, chocolates, brownies and such things which you can eat anytime.

We wish you a happy Diwali in advance and hope you'll eat fresh and traditional mithai in moderation and guilt-free.

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