Yogesh Singh's 6-Week Challenge to Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat

Join Yogesh Singh's 6-week flat belly challenge with a 20-minute standing core workout to sculpt your midsection effectively and efficiently.
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Yogesh Singh's 6-Week Challenge to Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat

Photo Credit: Yogesh Singh Instagram

  • Yogesh Singh's 6-week flat belly challenge
  • It features a 20-minute standing workout targeting core muscles.
  • Quick, effective routine suitable for all fitness levels

Ready to embark on a transformation journey? Join Yogesh Singh's exciting 6-week flat belly challenge series. In his latest video, he's here to guide you through a dynamic 20-minute standing belly burner workout that promises to help you sculpt those coveted abs.

6-Week Flat Belly Challenge:

This comprehensive routine comprises six highly effective exercises that target your core muscles. First in line are the oblique crunches, where you'll perform 15 repetitions on each side, and this is repeated three times to engage those obliques. Following that, you'll transition into the march twist, a twisting movement done alternately 20 times, and you'll do this for three sets to give your core a serious workout.

Moving on, Yogesh introduces the DB (dumbbell) overhead reaches, where you'll reach alternately 16 times per set, and you'll go through this routine three times. Then, it's time for the triangle slides, ten repetitions on each side, again repeated three times to enhance your core strength further. The workout also includes cross-toe taps into crunches, with alternating 16 repetitions each, for a total of three sets. Finally, Yogesh concludes the session with "around the world" exercises, each set lasting 30 seconds and completing the routine three times.

With Yogesh's expert guidance, this quick and effective workout is designed to help you achieve a flatter and more toned belly in just 20 minutes. So, whether you're new to fitness or looking to intensify your core routine, this challenge series has something to offer for everyone on the path to a stronger, fitter you.