When Juicing Follow Essential Rules by Dr. Dimple for a Healthier You

Discover the three simple yet vital rules for juicing shared by Dr. Dimple to enhance your health and avoid potential risks associated with improper juicing practices.

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When Juicing Follow Essential Rules by Dr. Dimple for a Healthier You

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  • Dr Dimple is a popular Ayurvedic Health coach
  • She shares rules for juicing
  • Check out the simple rules to get your juicing diet sorted

Are you looking to incorporate juicing into your hectic lifestyle for healthier living? Juicing and smoothies have become popular trends for those seeking a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy schedule. However, it's essential to approach juicing correctly to reap its benefits without adverse effects. Dr. Dimple, a renowned Ayurvedic health coach, shares some crucial rules to ensure your juicing diet is both beneficial and safe.

Rule 1: Avoid Juicing Leafy Greens

Dr. Dimple advises against juicing leafy greens like spinach and kale, as they are rich in oxalates. Oxalates can bind with calcium in your body and potentially trigger kidney stones. Instead, she recommends blanching these greens in hot water and making a soup out of them to enjoy their nutritional benefits safely.

Rule 2: Don't Juice Your Fruits

Juicing fruits can lead to a spike in glucose levels. Dr. Dimple suggests eating your fruits raw to avoid this issue. Additionally, she advises against mixing fruits and vegetables in your juices. Fruits and vegetables have different digestion times in the stomach, and mixing them can lead to delayed digestion or gastric problems.

Rule 3: Be Cautious with Cold Pressed Juices

Cold-pressed juicing can weaken your digestive fires when taken on an empty stomach. Dr. Dimple recommends starting your day with 200 ml of warm water before having your cold-pressed juices. She also suggests following a cold-pressed juicing routine for three to five weeks at a time for optimal results.

Juicing can be a fantastic addition to your diet when done correctly. By following Dr. Dimple's rules, you can enjoy the benefits of juicing while minimizing potential risks. Here's to a healthier and more vibrant you!

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