The Revolutionary Approach to Colon Health by Dr. Dimple

Discover how adopting ancient bathroom practices can alleviate and prevent the discomfort of haemorrhoids, piles, and chronic constipation, as advised by Ayurvedic health coach Dr. Dimple.
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The Revolutionary Approach to Colon Health by Dr. Dimple

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  • Dr Dimple is a popular Ayurvedic Health coach
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In the quest for better health and wellness, many overlook the significance of colon health and its impact on our overall well-being. Dr. Dimple, a renowned Ayurvedic health coach, shines a light on this crucial aspect through her informative content. Specializing in natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments for enhancing colon health, she addresses common yet often neglected conditions such as haemorrhoids, piles, and chronic constipation. This article delves into the traditional wisdom and modern advice that Dr. Dimple shares for combating these ailments, emphasizing a simple yet transformative change in our daily routine.

The Unspoken Health Crisis: Strain and Pain

Modern conveniences and lifestyle changes have silently contributed to a health crisis that affects millions worldwide. The use of sitting toilets, a norm in Western societies, forces users into an unnatural position that can have detrimental effects on colon health. Dr. Dimple points out that in this sitting position, the puborectalis muscle, which aids in bowel movement, is constricted, leading to an unfavourable anorectal angle of almost 90 degrees. This position can cause symptoms of constipation such as incomplete evacuation, irregular bowel movements, hard stools, and the need for excessive straining. Over time, these issues can exacerbate, leading to inflamed haemorrhoids and other painful conditions.

Back to Basics: The Health Benefits of Squatting

Reflecting on practices from countries like India, France, and Turkey, Dr. Dimple advocates for the squatting position's numerous health benefits. Squatting allows for the relaxation of the puborectalis muscle, straightening the anorectal angle for a more natural and efficient bowel movement. This posture facilitates faster, easier, and more complete stool evacuation, significantly reducing the need for straining. Moreover, it helps protect against nerve stretching, such as that of the pudendal nerve, which, if damaged, can lead to permanent issues with urinary, defecation, and sexual functions. Additionally, the squatting position naturally increases intra-abdominal pressure, further aiding the process.

Implementing Change: Practical Solutions

Understanding the importance of this issue, Dr. Dimple offers simple yet effective solutions to incorporate the squatting posture into modern life. One approach is to install a squatting seat over existing toilets, merging traditional benefits with contemporary convenience. Alternatively, a step stool can be used to elevate the legs while using a sitting toilet, simulating the squatting posture. These adjustments can significantly alleviate and prevent the symptoms of chronic constipation, piles, and haemorrhoids, contributing to better colon health and overall wellness.

Seeking Professional Guidance

For those experiencing chronic symptoms, Dr. Dimple emphasizes the importance of consulting with healthcare professionals. Her team of in-house doctors provides personalized remedies and recovery plans, addressing the root cause of colon-related diseases. Embracing her philosophy, Dr. Dimple reminds us that a healthy colon is fundamental to preventing diseases, and early intervention is key to a healthier future.

Dr. Dimple's insights into the importance of squatting for colon health serve as a valuable reminder of the profound impact that simple lifestyle changes can have on our well-being. By revisiting ancient practices and incorporating them into our modern lives, we can address and prevent common health issues, paving the way for a healthier and more comfortable life.


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