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Exclusive! I Want to Assure Men: You're Not Alone, Wearing a Hair Patch Isn't a Crime - Pranit Shilimkar

Pranit Shilimkar explores life candidly, sharing insecurities openly and pioneering fitness challenges.
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Exclusive! I Want to Assure Men: You're Not Alone, Wearing a Hair Patch Isn't a Crime - Pranit Shilimkar

Photo Credit: Pranit Shilimkar's Instagram

  • Pranit Shilimkar talks about fatherhood & fitness fame
  • Raw and real: Pranit's brave hair patch revelation
  • The Evolution of the 37-Day Challenge

Recently, I came across a video where Pranit Shilimkar, Fitness influencer and entrepreneur, and founder of Fitnesstalks, exhibited remarkable vulnerability on social media, openly discussing his experience with a hair patch. It was truly brave of him to put himself out there. Moreover, who isn't aware of Pranit's revolutionary 37-day challenge? Intrigued by the video, I reached out to Pranit to explore more about his journey and personality, with the aim of sharing insights that could inspire our audience.

In this interview, we discuss topics ranging from preparation for impending parenthood to the challenging moments in Pranit's life. Read on to discover more about Pranit and brace yourself for an inspiring journey!

First of all, Pranit, congratulations on the newest addition to your family. How is the feeling of welcoming a new member to your family—nervous, excited? With a baby on board, what's the emotion right now?

Yes, we are welcoming a new member! I am not nervous but happy to be starting this new journey as a father. This was something that we planned for, so I would not say I was unprepared. This was a family decision that Mihira and I decided to take. If you know me, you know I am always watching out for changes in my life; it drives me to another level! I am a seeker of change. Marrying Mihira was something that motivated me to work more, and now that I am going to be a father very soon, it is surely going to motivate me in its way!

You recently opened up about your hair patch, and it was really honest of you. The message you gave in the video was very genuine and heart-touching. What motivated you to open up, and how has the reaction been for you, with many lauding you for it?

I have had this hair patch for many years now, and ever since I got it, I can't tell you how many times I've had to encounter an awkward stare from many fixed on my forehead. Many used to wonder how my hair had grown so much all of a sudden.

The reason for putting out that video was that there are men who struggle with this same issue, and it ends up affecting their self-confidence, speaking from personal experience! I wanted to be that guy who assures other men that you're not alone, and wearing a hair patch isn't a crime! It is as simple as switching to lenses from a pair of glasses, getting a skin treatment to make it look better, or you putting on some braces to align your teeth.

If you don't know, I put out a similar video called 'Confession' on my YouTube four years ago for the same reason and the same purpose. But at that time, I didn't have such a powerful audience, so I remade that video to normalize it! It has helped me kill my insecurities and regain my self-confidence.

Can you share a defining moment that led you to choose a career in fitness after completing your 10th grade, and how did that decision shape your journey?

I changed my career stream multiple times before settling on fitness; I have worked as a choreographer and spinning instructor as well. I am a dancer, and it was my passion. I started choreographing wedding Sangeets for a decent amount of time. It made me realize that for every client, I had to create dance steps according to their capabilities, and I wasn't teaching them the best dance moves. Instead, I was teaching them the basics. This realization made me wonder if I was changing these people's lives in any way. Of course, I wasn't!

Contrary to that, as soon as I became a trainer and started personal training clients, I got to teach them the right form and technique. I have to make each person stronger! And with correct nutrition plans, I transformed them to help them achieve their best physique!

Transitioning from mainstream jobs to pursuing your passion for fitness can be challenging. What obstacles did you encounter, and how did you overcome them?

I never had a mainstream job, and I was always doing some or the other stuff to make some money. I do not come from a well-to-do family, and my journey has always been full of ups and downs. My obstacle wasn't to get a decent mainstream job; my obstacle was to make my family believe in the plan I had. My obstacle was to make people believe in me and to get them to join me on my mission as a team! My obstacle was to create 'mainstream job opportunities' for others so they could have faith in me and join me.

Starting your gym and founding Fitnesstalks at a young age is impressive. What inspired you to take these entrepreneurial steps, and what challenges did you face in establishing your ventures?

Answering this question would take me a whole day! I've been in this industry for more than 11 years now, and I don't have a short story to tell! Some of the challenges I've faced include not having close ones who believed in me, not knowing how to speak fluent English, not having the right people by my side, not having enough funds to put into my business, and not knowing how to manage finances.

The 37-day challenge has gained widespread recognition. What motivated you to create this program, and how have you witnessed its impact on participants' lives? Who has been your favourite transformation? By the way, your mom's transformation was inspiring as well!

I wanted to create a program not too big or not too small, incorporating three aspects of fitness. Thus, I created the #37dayschallenge, which includes personal training, a detailed nutrition plan, and a mental health focus. We have trained and catered to many unique conditions, transforming numerous lives. It's hard to pick one, but my favorite is my Aai's and my mother-in-law's transformation, as I wanted them to get serious about their fitness and get fit as well.

Training so many individuals, including celebrities, is a significant achievement. Can you share any incidents that have had a deep impact on you? 

Yaar, ab har mahine main alag alag stories hoti hai! Go to Instagram @fitnesstalks.india and pick anyone, that's my favourite. You can say the person who did the #37dayschallenge with me and then continued to follow the same lifestyle on their own has to be my favourite one. There are many!

You often emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. How do you believe individuals can overcome common hurdles in maintaining fitness in today's fast-paced world?

The speed of the modern-day world brings many challenges to committing to a fitness lifestyle. However, at the same time, it also provides us with many options, such as fitness-friendly diet and workout options, available through food chains and open gyms. The key is for individuals to learn how to make the correct selections and develop self-awareness of what their ultimate fitness goals are.

As a public figure, what motivates you to connect with your audience on a more personal level? Do you sometimes feel the need to set boundaries for what to share and what not to?

I do have set boundaries, but if you meet me and speak to me, you will never be able to guess if I am being open or not! I think I'm too good at maintaining the boundaries.

To anyone who wants to start their fitness journey, what's the first thing they need to take care of?

They have to start with the guidance of an experienced coach, and they should look at it as an investment, not an expense. There are many options in the market today, and to save some amount of money, do not go for any cheaper option. Instead, pick someone with good experience and expertise.

Seeing your journey till now, do you ever look back on your hard days and pat yourself for how far you have come?

I do! And all I feel is immense 'gratitude.' It is necessary to look back and see what all you've been through; it motivates you to keep going ahead! I know my journey isn't going to get any easier, but looking back shows me what I've come over; there's some power in that feeling!

Your message to anyone who looks up to you and is inspired to be a creator, what advice would you give them?

There are a lot of content creators out there; think of what will make you stand out! Find your thing, and keep doing it. Don't be scared to start! This ecosystem looks very fancy and attractive, but trust me, this industry has a lot of passionate and hardworking people. If you manage to stand out, nothing like it!


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