Avoid Doing These Common Mistakes to Control Acidity: Tips By Poornima Peri

Poornima Peri, a fitness and health coach, shares the list of some common mistakes that cause acidity.

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Avoid Doing These Common Mistakes to Control Acidity: Tips By Poornima Peri

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  • Poornima Peri is a health coach and expert
  • Common mistakes behind acidity
  • Stop doing these to control acidity

Do you feel an acid flow regularly? Acidity or heartburn is a major common issue in almost every second person. Most of the people have this critical issue but they are unable to find a solution or understand the reason behind that. Poornima Peri, a renowned fitness and health expert, highlights the reason behind acidity. According to her, the main reason for these issues is the regular mistakes that we make in our daily routines.

With a lot of experience in health and wellness, Peri points out today's complex balance between diet, lifestyle, and acidity levels. She disclosed the common mistakes that unknowingly contribute to acidity. Here, Poornima Peri highlights five common mistakes that cause you acidity. If this has happened to you, then you need to change these five lifestyle habits. 

Inconsistent Time to Eat: When you don't eat for long hours, the buildup of digestive fluid causes acid reflux, leading to heartburn. This is because the fluid builds in the stomach to prepare for the next meal.

Not Chewing Your Food: When you eat in a hurry or do not chew your food properly, you will notice an acid reflux in a few minutes. If you do not chew food properly, larger particles enter the digestive tract that causes acidity, gas, bloating, etc. Because it is very difficult for your digestive system to digest the food and function properly.

Drinking Soda with Your Meal: Soda contains carbonic acid, a weak acid that assembles in the stomach and causes acidity. This food and stomach acid may come up your food pipe, causing heartburn.

Sleeping Right After Your Meal: Stomach contents will reflux into the esophagus if you lie down right after having your meal. So make sure to sit or stroll for at least 30 minutes after your meal to digest it.

Deep Rooted Stress: When you're emotionally stressed, there might be an increase in acid production in the stomach. This is because the pain papillas in the esophagus get the message to become more active during stress.

Poornima Peri's highlights the much-needed general issue of acidity that plagues many individuals daily. Her guidance highlights the importance of mindful eating, adequate digestion, and stress management in building overall well-being.

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