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Navigating the FASTag Scam: Insights from Finance Influencer Tejas Joshi

Finance influencer Tejas Joshi sheds light on the FASTag scam and empowers vehicle owners with crucial information about their rights at toll plazas.

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Navigating the FASTag Scam: Insights from Finance Influencer Tejas Joshi

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  • Tejas Joshi is a finance influencer and digital creator
  • He enlightens you about the FASTag scam
  • Know your rights!

FASTag has revolutionized the toll collection process on Indian highways, making it more efficient and convenient for vehicle owners. However, like any system, it's not immune to issues, including scams that can catch unsuspecting drivers off guard. Finance influencer and digital creator Tejas Joshi brings attention to a common problem faced by vehicle owners – the FASTag scam – and informs them about their rights.

Understanding the FASTag Scam:

The scam occurs when a vehicle's FASTag doesn't work at the toll plaza, and the driver is asked to pay double the toll fee. This situation can arise due to technical glitches in the electronic toll collection infrastructure or issues with the FASTag itself.

Know Your Rights:

Tejas Joshi highlights a crucial notification dated May 7, 2018, which states that if a vehicle with a valid and functional FASTag, with sufficient balance in the linked account, is unable to pay the user fee due to malfunctioning of the electronic toll collection infrastructure, the vehicle owner is permitted to pass the toll plaza without paying any user fee.

What to Do in Case of a Malfunction:

  • Stay Calm: Don't panic if your FASTag doesn't work at the toll plaza.
  • Inform the Toll Operator: Politely inform the toll operator about the issue and mention the notification that protects your rights.
  • Request Assistance: If the issue persists, request assistance from the toll plaza personnel to resolve the problem.
  • Document the Incident: Keep a record of the incident, including the date, time, and location of the toll plaza, in case you need to follow up or file a complaint.

Being aware of your rights regarding FASTag usage is crucial to avoid falling victim to scams at toll plazas. Tejas Joshi's insights provide valuable guidance for vehicle owners to navigate such situations confidently. Remember, knowledge is power, and being informed can save you from unnecessary hassles and expenses on the road.

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