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How to Identify Scam Calls? Monica Malik Explains

Monicka Malik, a well-known finance influencer, shares crucial details regarding new rules and regulations of TRAI that can help you identify unwanted scam calls.

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How to Identify Scam Calls? Monica Malik Explains

Photo Credit: Monica Malik Instagram

  • Monica Malik is a finance influencer
  • Shares new rules of TRAI
  • How to identify scammers' calls?

Scam calls have become a common annoyance, causing irritation and frustration to many. These calls can disturb your daily routine, and your privacy, and even create risks to your financial security. If you are also going through this situation, then here is a sign of relief for you. Monica Malik, a renowned finance influencer, highlights the new rules and regulations introduced by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that can help you easily identify unwanted scam calls without answering them. 

Understanding the TRAI Regulations

TRAI has introduced new regulations focused on reducing the stream of scam calls. These rules require banks, insurance companies, and other brands to switch their important service and transactional calls to the '160' series by August. Additionally, promotional calls will use numbers starting with '140', with a deadline set for July.

Key Points of the New TRAI Regulations:

Transactional Calls: All transactional calls from banks, insurance companies, and other important services will now begin with the '160' series.
Promotional Calls: All promotional calls will use numbers that start with the '140' series.


August Deadline: Banks and other important service providers must follow the '160' series requirement by August.
July Deadline: All promotional call providers must switch to the '140' series by July

Identify Scam Calls:

These regulations make it easier for you to identify the nature of a call without having to answer it. By simply checking the first three digits of the caller's number, you can determine whether the call is important or likely to be a scam.

Benefits of the New Regulations:

Reduced Scam Calls: With these regulations, scam calls you receive are likely to decrease, making your routine less frustrating and irritating. 
Enhanced Security: By knowing which calls are legal, you can avoid potential scams and protect your financial information.
Comfort: You can manage your calls more effectively, ensuring that you don't miss important communications while easily filtering out unwanted calls.

The new TRAI regulations are a crucial step towards reducing the annoyance and risks related to scam calls. By simply checking the first three digits of an incoming call, you can identify its nature and importance. Stay informed, stay secure, and enjoy a more peaceful digital experience.


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