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Abhinav Chandel Takes Viewers on a Mesmerizing Journey of the Queen of Hills, Shimla

Abhinav Chandel captures the majestic beauty of Shimla through his skilled photography.

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Abhinav Chandel Takes Viewers on a Mesmerizing Journey of the Queen of Hills, Shimla

Photo Credit: Abhinav Chandel Instagram

  • Abhinav Chandel's clicks take viewers to a dreamlike world
  • His photos will make you instantly fall in love with the Queen of Hills
  • His collection of photographs showcases diverse scenes

Portraying the majestic beauty of the Queen of Hills, city of India, Shimla. Abhinav shared some of his highly skilled and majestic pictures from his recent trip to the scenic town, making you fall in love with the place in split seconds.

From enjoying strawberry ice cream in the midst of snow-covered landscapes to travelling roads filled with snow, each frame tells a story. His abstract photographs of trees are considered to be works of art, and a magnificent image of a train engine makes one feel like a dreamland painting coming alive.

A candid shot of a cosy café showcases the harmonious meeting point between the sun-kissed horizon and the sky above Shimla. At the same time, an imperial portrayal of the Indian flag proudly waves in the town square. Abhinav's photographs possess an essence that would make viewers pack their bags and embark on a journey to this breathtaking town.

Abhinav Chandel, known as '@abhiandnow,' is a talented writer and an accomplished photographer who has immersed himself in mountain living and exploration for over a decade. His deep connection with the mountains is evident in his artistry, capturing the essence and soul of the places he visits. Through his photographs, Abhinav invites us to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Shimla, making a lasting impression on our hearts and generating a desire to experience its magic personally.

Each time he presses the shutter, Abhinav reveals the natural beauty and hidden treasures that Shimla has to offer, giving visitors a peek at the fantastical world that awaits them. His work appeals to individuals who want adventure and find comfort in nature and those who want to capture the city's beauty. The images taken by Abhinav are evidence of his profound love for the mountains and his ability to convey their fascination to others.

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