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Manisha Rani Opens Up About Unfollowing Elvish Yadav: I Have A Self-Respect...

The Unfolding Drama: Manisha Rani's Bold Move Against Elvish Yadav

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Manisha Rani Opens Up About Unfollowing Elvish Yadav: I Have A Self-Respect...

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  • Manisha Rani vs Elvish Yadav
  • The duo calls out each other on social media
  • Manisha calls him egoistic

In a shocking turn of events, Manisha Rani, the second runner-up of Bigg Boss OTT 2 and the winner of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11 has made waves on social media by unfollowing her longtime friend and Bigg Boss winner, Elvish Yadav. The revelation came to light in Manisha's latest video blog, where she candidly shared the reasons behind her decision, shedding light on the dynamics between them that were quite different from what the public perceived.

The Rise and Fall of #Elvisha

Manisha and Elvish, known for their fun and quirky bonding, met in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house in 2023. They quickly formed a close bond, which was adored by their fans, often using the hashtag #Elvisha to show their support. However, their relationship took a hit when Elvish became embroiled in the Noida rave party case, leading to his arrest and subsequent bail. Amidst this controversy, a video of Elvish went viral on social media, where he referred to Manisha Rani unfollowing him as an immature act.

Manisha's Side of the Story

In her video blog, Manisha delved into the reasons behind her choice to unfollow Elvish Yadav on social media. She highlighted the diverse reactions and controversies that surfaced after she unfollowed Elvish, revealing that she had received numerous direct messages and negative texts. Despite this, she had refrained from discussing the matter until now, explaining that she did not intend to engage in a public discussion about the issue.

Manisha expressed, ‘I have never spoken about this issue before, nor did I intend to, because Elvish and I are known to be good friends. So, when it comes to friendship, it is better to leave things as they are rather than spoil them.' She also stated that she wanted her fans to be aware of both sides of the story, especially after Elvish Yadav labeled her unfollowing him as ‘childish.'

The Last Straw: A Professional Dispute

The crux of the matter lies in a professional collaboration that went sour. According to Manisha, Elvish's friend, Kataria, approached her team with a deal, which they accepted. However, when the collaboration's cover photo featured Yadav alongside Akshay Kumar, Manisha felt that her boundaries were crossed. Despite her team's efforts to contact Elvish to change the photo, he refused and even asked her to include her family photo in any future videos.

A Lesson in Self-Respect

For Manisha, the incident was not just about a cover photo; it was about self-respect and professional integrity. She expressed, ‘If a person cannot put up a cover photo with me and gets so egoistic that he would not change it, then when he has an ego, I also have self-respect.' She also emphasised that she does not want a friendship where everything is for social media, but in reality, things are different.

The Aftermath

As the dust settles on this social media saga, Manisha Rani's revelation serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of social media friendships and the importance of boundaries and self-respect. While friendships in the digital age can be rewarding, they also require careful navigation to ensure that personal and professional lines are not blurred. The future of #Elvisha remains uncertain, leaving fans wondering if these two social media stars will ever reconcile.

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