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Influencers Celebrate their Joyous Moments of Eid ul Adha in their Style

Social media influencers share joyous moments and wish on Eid ul Adha, connecting with followers.
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Influencers Celebrate their Joyous Moments of Eid ul Adha

Photo Credit: Instagram

  • Vineet Bhatia with his Eid special delicacies
  • Influencers are donning a majestic kurta look
  • They wish followers the celebrations of Eid ul Adha

The joyous Eid ul Adha festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and warmth by various social influencers, who shared wishes and delightful moments with their followers. These influencers added their unique touch to the festivities, spreading happiness and goodwill.

Vineet Bhatia

Renowned Indian chef and restaurateur Vineet Bhatia MBE captured the essence of Eid ul Adha by sharing a tempting picture of Pistachio sheer khurma, chandini malai kulfi, sliver-crusted gulab jamun, and rasgulla. The delectable treats were artistically arranged in the shape of a moon, symbolizing the auspicious occasion.

Zaid Darbar

Donning traditional attire, Zaid Darbar extended heartfelt Eid Mubarak wishes to his followers. After offering Namaz (prayer) on this sacred day, he shared a picture of himself with a bright smile, radiating joy and positivity.

Awez Darbar

Dressed in a magnificent golden-shaded kurta and adorned with a golden Masslla (prayer mat), Awez Darbar posed to convey his wishes for the joyous celebrations of Eid ul Adha. His infectious smile reflected the jubilation of the festival.

Faizaan Salar

Faizaan Salar, a talented singer, shared his heartfelt wishes, praying for Allah's acceptance of sacrifices and the beginning of a successful year. He looked magnificent in a beautifully embroidered kurta, exuding elegance and grace.

Munawar Faruqui

Munawar Faruqui also expressed his wishes through an Instagram story, donning a stunning blue kurta. He added an enchanting touch by syncing his wishes with the beats of an Arabic song, 'Rahmatun Lil'Alameen', creating a harmonious ambience.

Through their social media platforms, these influencers celebrated the festival and connected with their followers, spreading the message of love, unity, and blessings. Their diverse expressions of joy and warmth added vibrancy to the Eid ul Adha celebrations, resonating with people from various walks of life.

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