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From Sallonay to Awez Darbar: Digital Creators Join the Fun with the Latest Instagram Trend

Digital creators on Instagram have joined in on the latest 'Running' trend with unique and entertaining reels.
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Many creators are making reels on the hilarious new running trend

  • Instagram is buzzing with a new running trend
  • Many digital creators have jumped on this trend
  • Users have given positive feedback to these reels

Instagram is currently buzzing with a hilarious new running trend, and many digital creators have jumped on this trend and shared their creative versions on Instagram, each with their unique twist. This article looks at some of the most entertaining reels from this latest trend.

Exam & Wedding at Home, an epic love story!

Sallonay, a popular digital creator, recently joined the latest trend on Instagram, which involves people running after something running from them. In her take on the trend, she collaborated with her brother Shubham Gaur, and the result was a relatable and funny reel. The post garnered attention and received positive feedback from many, with one commenting, "Kya farak padhta hai, fail aise hi hona hai so enjoy biryani."

Laugh till you're carsick!

Ruhee Dosani shared her take on the trend with a reel about motion sickness. The humorous posts received much attention and engagement, with many users relating to the content and leaving funny comments.

Sleepytime shenanigans!

Can't sleep, gotta pee? Dhruv & Shyam, popularly known as Funcho, captures the struggle perfectly in their latest Instagram trend. With their hilarious take and caption, 'Koi iska illaj dila do yar', they showcase the relatable struggle of feeling the sudden urge to go to the washroom while enjoying a good night's sleep. Users have quickly shared their experiences and funny comments on the trend.

Wait for the twist!

Trust Awez Darbar to always come up with hilarious and relatable posts. In his latest reel, he showcases the struggle of clients running after video editors to get the edited shot. But Awez being Awez, he adds a funny twist - the video editor ends up chasing the client instead! The unexpected and humorous turn of events is sure to make you laugh.