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Exclusive: Poulomi Das Calls Shivani Kumari "the Most Underserving Contestant" on the Show

Poulomi Das supports Malik's trio

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Exclusive: Poulomi Das Calls Shivani Kumari "the Most Underserving Contestant" on the Show

Photo Credit: Poulomi Das Instagram

  • Poulomi Das is out of Bigg Boss OTT
  • Poulomi supports Malik's trio
  • She calls out Shivani Kumari

Model & actor Poulomi Das was evicted from Bigg Boss OTT 3 last night. Her elimination came as a shock for her fans and followers. Now, she has exclusively connected with whosthat360 for a chit-chat. In this conversation, she gets candid about her journey to the Bigg Boss house and much more.


How was your journey of Bigg Boss OTT?

For my journey, there is one word: Amazing.

Who is the real manipulator of the game?

Everybody is manipulating each other at different levels. So for me, everyone is on the list.

Do you think it is more about the followers you have on social media, not about the game anymore?

I don't think it's true because Payal has around 6 or 7 million followers and Neeraj also has a lot of followers. I believe it depends on several other factors. If fan following had been the main reason these people would have not been eliminated.


Photo Credit: Poulomi Das Instagram

One contestant you think is undeserving in the show.
I think Shivani Kumari is the most undeserving in the show.

What's your take on Malik's trio? 

For me, it's a very unique relationship.

On social media, there is a buzz that Armaan Malik is more inclined towards Kritika and Payal is adjusting. What do you have to say about it?

I think Payal eviction is because of the audience's votes. It's not like if one is out rest two will also have to leave the show. They are playing their game and don't assume things because you think so. Just try to know them better, you will have different opinions altogether.


Photo Credit: Poulomi Das Instagram

How is Anil Kapoor as a host?

I wish I could have seen it more. I have just seen a single Weekend Ka Vaar but you never know I may go back again to be part of many such weekend ka vaars.

If you are given a chance to go back to the game again, what would be your new game plan?

I will never let them smile again. For the rest of the journey, they will out of smile.

Her eviction happened after the ‘Baharwala' in the show chose her name and that was a blow for her. She said that she would be happy if this was the audience's decision.

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