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Catch up on the latest news from the world of digital creators in this end-of-June roundup by WHOSTHAT360.
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  • Devraj Patel: Remembering a bright star lost too soon
  • Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia part ways
  • Prajakta Koli's birthday surprise

The final week of June brought a whirlwind of emotions in the world of digital creators. From the tragic loss of young talent Devraj Patel to the heart-wrenching news of Kusha Kapila's separation, it was a roller coaster ride that left everyone emotionally charged. Let's look at the captivating events that unfolded during this eventful week.

The loss of Devraj Patel

Devastation struck the digital world as it mourned the untimely loss of a social media sensation and content creator, Devraj Patel. This young talent captured viewers' hearts with his viral meme 'Dil Se Bura Lagta Hai Bhai'. However, tragedy struck when he was involved in a fatal road accident in Chhattisgarh (June 26). The news sent shockwaves throughout the online community, leaving behind a void that can never be filled. May his soul rest in peace.

Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia's separation

In a heartbreaking announcement shared on social media, Kusha Kapila revealed her separation from her husband, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. She wrote, "Zorawar and I have mutually decided to part ways. This hasn't been an easy decision by any measure but we know it's the right one at this point in our lives. The love and life we have shared together continues to mean everything for us, but sadly, what we seek currently for ourselves doesn't align. We gave it our all, until we couldn't anymore.." 

Prajakta Koli's Birthday Surprise

Popular YouTuber and actor Prajakta Koli delighted her fans with an unexpected birthday surprise. She revealed she is currently working on a romance novel, surprising everyone. The news was met with excitement and joy from her dedicated fan base. As if that wasn't enough, Prajakta is also preparing for the release of her upcoming movie, 'Neeyat,' adding another milestone to her already flourishing career. Prajakta is undoubtedly on cloud nine with all these recent developments, basking in well-deserved success.

Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia Slams Trolls

In a powerful Instagram post, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia took a stand against online trolls who unfairly portrayed Kusha as a villain in their separation. He wrote, "We realize we live public lives, but we still hold certain things sacred. Our marriage and respect for each other are one of them. Divorce, much like our marriage, was a decision we both made together after much deliberation and thought. It was a tough and painful decision but one we took collectively, for the sake of both of our well-being." 


Photo Credit: Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia instagram

Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia and Kusha Kapila received an outpouring of support from many individuals who admired their dignified response in the face of personal turmoil.

Sushant Divgikr Completes 17 Years in the Industry!

Sushant Divgikr's completion of 17 years in the industry marks a truly monumental milestone. Their journey has not only been significant for Sushant personally but has also inspired many others. Known by their stage name Rani KoEHnur, Sushant has already experienced a year filled with exciting accomplishments. From lending their voice as Cora in Marvel's Wastelanders Hindi audio adventure to hosting their own music show, Sushant is undeniably reigning like a queen.

 Abdu Rozik is back at the Bigg Boss house!

Exciting news for Bigg Boss fans! Abdu Rozik has made a grand return to the Bigg Boss house, creating a buzz among viewers. While Abdu initially appeared as a guest, fans couldn't contain their joy at catching a glimpse of their beloved "chota bhaijaan" once again. The ongoing season, Bigg Boss OTT2, has already captured immense attention, and Abdu's comeback has added excitement to the show. 

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