Sadhguru's Profound Wisdom: There Are No Good Or Bad Habits...

Sadhguru highlights the difference between conscious and unconscious functioning.

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Sadhguru's Profound Wisdom: There Are No Good Or Bad Habits...

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  • Sadhguru is a spiritual leader and a digital content creator
  • He describes the myth and truth of habits
  • Understand how habit locks our focus and attention

Have you ever wondered what a habit is? Is habit the key to success and fulfillment? Habit means fixed realities where you don't have to think. Let's understand all these points with Sadhguru who is a spiritual leader and well-known digital content creator, simply describing the myth and truth of habits. According to him, there is no such thing as a good habit or bad habit. As it notes, a habit is simply an action performed unconsciously, without intended thoughts or purpose. Our daily performing habits don't require any type of focus or attention because it may provide a sense of predictability and regulation.

Sadhguru's Words of Wisdom:

Further, Sadhguru outlines the point that if a human being functions unconsciously that's a bad thing. As human beings hold a unique ability to act consciously, to engage our minds, and to make calculated choices at every moment. Unlike the animal who's working unconsciously. The moment when a human being does something consciously, it looks very refined and wonderful.

By approaching each moment with awareness and deliberately, unlocking new possibilities of creativity, fulfillment, and connection. According to Sadhguru people are busy forming their daily habits which are not necessary. Whereas they should move away from there and practice something new.

Daily habits offer a sense of familiarity and relief, but they also limit our potential. Breakdown the myth of habit provides you with a better opportunity forward. So, let's take the inspiration of Sadhguru's precious words and reclaim and rediscover the beauty of being fully present in every moment.

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