Sadhguru Advocates to Experience Life in a New Way; Here's What He Said

Sadhguru shares his words of wisdom.
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Sadhguru Advocates to Experience Life in a New Way; Here's What He Said

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  • Logic: Losing out on life's Wonders.
  • Mysterious marvels of life.
  • Various limitations of strict logic.

Sadhguru discusses the core of life's charm, highlighting the fact that reasoning alone cannot properly express the profundity and beauty of living. Being logically sound might make us feel good, but it also frequently prevents us from appreciating the delights that exist outside of our comprehension.

Sadhguru's Profound Wisdom:

Think about the wonder of birth: the unexpected appearance of life in the greatest levels of space and the journey of the mother into the wide world. Sadhguru invites us to halt and consider the utter beauty of this process—how we are carried into life by powers above our understanding and come into life without any previous understanding or choice.

In the same vein, we are amazed by the secrets of existence in the puzzle of death. These times of tremendous alteration serve as a reminder of the temporary aspect of life and the endless wonders that lie ahead of us. Examples include the shift from life to nothingness and the dissolving of the material world into the infinity of the universe.

But magic exists in all instances, not just those of birth and death; every experience that follows is full of promise and surprise. Sadhguru urges us to accept the innate enchantment of life as it is occurring in front of us and to rise above the confines of the world of reason.

Develop an attitude of amazement and admiration as we experience life, accepting unknowns that challenge our understanding. When we let go of our desire for total control and assurance, we make room for a richer, more profound sense of life that is fundamentally wonderful.


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